Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Issues Marketing RFP

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries’ (DMF) is seeking a partner to work with the Seafood Marketing Program to spearhead a special promotion that will feature Massachusetts seafood. This promotion should highlight one aspect of our seafood – such as species – to reach consumers’ stomachs then educate them about its economical and historical significance, health benefits, seafood availability, etc. Inspired by Quahog Week in Rhode Island, DMF hopes to create our own exciting, new promotion that will be unique to the existing efforts of the Seafood Marketing Program to increase awareness and preference for Massachusetts seafood. It will be the job of the applicant to solidify the concept and details of this special promotion by working with DMF, and taking into consideration the many factors and priorities of the seafood industry.

The goal of this project is to have residents of the Commonwealth to consume seafood, therefore, applicants should have knowledge of the Massachusetts commercial fishing and seafood industries, chefs, marketing and event experience, and meaningful ties to the local food movement. Success will be measured by the number of people who consume seafood as part of the special promotion (concretely, not just nudged) – though the quality of the project does not need to be sacrificed for audience quantity. The candidate will work closely with DMF and with a variety of partners to create something that could be enlarged and annually repeated.


The Division of Marine Fisheries manages the state’s commercial and recreational saltwater fisheries and oversees other services that support the marine environment and fishing communities.

Scope of Work:

The scope of services for this project includes, but is not limited to:

                – Work with the Seafood Marketing Program and its steering committee on the initial concept, planning and execution of special promotion

                – Engage with stakeholders to ensure community support of special promotion

                – Coordinate with vendors and media, including solicitation of participation, communication, and invoicing

                – Assist DMF in their social media and website efforts relating to special promotion

                – Present project (either before or after promotion) to DMF’s Seafood Marketing steering committee

Due Date:

August 12th, 2019


Must submit through COMMBUYS link 

Agencies worth considering Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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