McDonald’s Recall PR: Latest Corporation Recalling Products

Mcdonalds Public Relations Recall

Still more recalls hit the news as McDonald’s pulls cadmium contaminated Shrek glasses from the market. The promotional glasses sold at the world’s largest fast food chain to promote the animated film “Shrek Forever After,” were found to have cadmium at levels higher than allowed by the CPSC. McDonald’s voluntarily pulls some 12 million in collaboration with the CPSC.

According to the news, the paint in the Shrek glasses contained trace amounts of cadmium, which if ingested, over time could cause serious health side effects for children. The 16-ounce glasses, being sold for about $2 each are the latest in a long list of recalls and investigated products which appear more and more in the news of late.

Cadmium is often used to create reds and yellows in paint. McDonald’s USA spokesman Bill Whitman noted that the pigment in these glasses actually contained an amount of cadmium. CPSC spokesperson Scott Wolfson added comment:

“The glasses have “far less cadmium than the children’s metal jewelry that CPSC has previously recalled.”

Interestingly, while many of the recent heavy metals recalls have been China manufactured products, these McDonald’s glasses were apparently manufactured in the United States. Together with the Procter and Gamble CPSC investigation of Pampers Dry Max, and some other American made products, this news would tend to lean towards a general trend for product production quality in decline. This is speculation on our part obviously, but something we should all watch. There are so many variables to look at in manufacturing and distribution, it seems almost like an outbreak in product safety is occurring.

PR agencies for Mcdonalds in the United States include Shift Communications, Golin-Harris & Porter Novelli.

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