mBLAST Launches MediaSync, Free Media Tool Helping Marketers Reach Influencers

m blast media sync

Atlanta-based mBLAST, Inc., provider of web marketing applications, has launched MediaSync, a free online tool that helps marketers and PR professionals identify, reach and engage key influencers in their field. MediaSync allows users to keep up to date with relevant editorial calendars, identify current and future media opportunities, and create targeted media lists which include key bloggers and journalists covering any particular field or area of interest. To identify the bloggers and journalists with the greatest influence on their audiences, MediaSync runs searches on the actual topics covered in their writings in the past year.

The topic-based approach to media research and identifying authors offers greater nuance and granularity according to mBLAST compared with the more general ‘beats’ usually employed by other list services. PR professionals and marketers can better identify a reporter’s or blogger’s main areas of interest: for example, a company can search for bloggers covering e-readers rather than sending email blasts to a list of reporters and bloggers writing about gadgets in general.

To power MediaSync, mBLAST has a source database of over 9 million articles and blogs and runs daily searches on Terabytes for new topic information. The online marketing tool is free for all users, “reflecting the company’s belief that traditional list services have become commoditized in the digital age of Google and social networks.”

“Considering a reporter’s basic contact information of email address and phone number is readily available on the Web today, we believe that charging for this data has run its course,” said mBLAST CEO Gary Lee. “We decided to set these media lists free and open up their use to PR agencies, brand marketers, DIY/small business owners and anyone else who wants to reach the key Influencers in their market by researching what they are actually writing about, and using that topical information to create and maintain their own media lists of key Influencers to engage with through their marketing activities.”

Currently in public Beta, MediaSync grants access to over 500,000 media contacts and will be increasing this number weekly.

A full review of MediaSync will be published soon on Everything PR.

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