Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Issues Marketing RFP

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Issues Marketing RFP

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has issued an RFP for marketing and media buying consulting services.


  • Strategic planning
  • Media planning, buying and trafficking
  • Campaign post media buys analyses
  • Creative services, including the development of graphics and messages
  • Market research



The consultant is required to develop and implement multiple marketing campaigns designed to achieve specific objectives defined by the Authority. Campaigns will include, creating awareness of products and services and influencing customer preference for choosing Dulles and/or Reagan, resulting in increased revenue.

  • Key components of campaign development include utilizing available data to define the target audience, understanding factors that influence  decision making, crafting the messaging (graphics,  radio scripts, etc.) and identifying the most cost effective channels to reach the target audience and achieve the desired outcome.
  • A documented strategic approach for each campaign that achieves the Authority’s defined marketing objective, that demonstrates an understanding and recommendation of the target audience that is  most appropriate for the desired outcome, as well as the factors that influence the achievement of the Authority’s desired outcome within the target audience. The strategic approach will also define the key messages that are recommended for each target audience, in order to achieve the desired objective. The Authority will make available to the successful consultant the data and research it has obtained over the years regarding passenger demographics, customer segments, product usage, competitive insights and industry trends.
  • Research may be required in order to develop complete strategies for each marketing campaign. The consultant must be able to obtain its own relevant research data, such as Scarborough, and other sources, as it pertains to specific campaign objectives.



The consultant shall be required to plan, buy and traffic various types of media, with the advance approval of the Authority, including, but not limited to, print advertisements, radio or television ads, digital, paid social media,  etc. that support the strategic media plan objectives.

Media Planning

The consultant shall:

  • Provide an annual media plan, including a schedule and rationale for each recommended medium, based on an approved budget, to include target audiences, costs, frequency and reach. The media plan will detail flight plans, dates, times and messages.
  • Present each campaign’s draft media plans and schedules for the Authority’s review and comment. Once the revisions have been incorporated, the consultant will submit a final media plan and schedule, including a rotation of creative, detailed media budgets, deadline dates, positioning, relative discounts and bonus spots, blocking charts, material instructions and ad production specifications.
  • Detail specific medium, such as radio, print advertisements, social media, website, etc. that should be utilized by target audience and seasonality that will yield the highest return on investment.

Media Buying

  • Prepare and submit for Authority approval a monthly and yearly media schedule for each campaign, including scheduling and rotation of creative, detailed media budgets, deadline dates, positioning, relative discounts and bonus spots, material instructions and ad production specifications.
  • Negotiate reserve and purchase the best advertising placement and rates for media buys, as approved by the Authority in the final Plan.
  • Prepare, coordinate and submit timely delivery of all creative materials in the proper formats to each media outlet.
  • Have distribution capabilities for sending broadcast quality videos and audio to approved broadcast stations, as needed.

Media Trafficking

The consultant will traffic assigned media buys to ensure timely placement of ads, adherence to budget, and provide documentation from each media buy verifying that each ad ran, per the approved insertion orders.

Campaign Post Analysis Reports

The consultant will prepare and submit a mid-year post media buy analysis summarizing the metrics for each campaign and a year-end annual comprehensive twelve (12) month post media buy analysis that measures  the effectiveness of each campaign. Elements should include campaign objectives, situation analysis; defined target audiences; key products and services, key messages, creative concepts, recommendations for research and creative pre-testing, budget, timing, rationale, deliverables, actions, recommendations and next steps.



Graphic Design and Copywriting

  • Utilize the market research data to guide the creative process for each marketing campaign and target audience to influence passenger perceptions and trial and usage of Dulles and Reagan products and services. The design concepts should always incorporate research findings by customer segmentation.
  • Develop creative materials necessary to support the recommended messaging and mediums. All creative designs and messages must be aligned with particular media buys, such as print or digital advertisements, video storyboards, radio scripts including script writing and copy editing.
  • Graphic designers must be able to understand and adhere to the Authority’s brand guidelines manual available on the Authority’s website under Supplemental Information for this solicitation.
  • Provide advertising creative designs and messages for each identified key customer group. The consultant will discuss with the Authority that all objectives are understood and that the proposed campaign meets those objectives
  • Create design concepts that meet each campaign’s objectives, including copywriting and script writing. The consultant will provide the Authority with storyboards that support key messages for specific target groups and include action on the part of the traveler.
  • Draft and present copy and scripts to the Authority for social media messages, radio, digital and print advertisements and videos. Revise and finalize as required by the Authority. Obtain Authority approval of all copy and scripts prior to utilizing.
  • Develop creative materials from concept through final production, in the required format, to include, radio, digital and print advertisements and, possibly television and other agreed upon medium. Development of creative materials includes copy direction and creative for digital advertising materials and any other marketing materials in support of digital advertising activities.
  • Provide a variety of approaches for each concept when requested by the Authority. The design concepts must logically link creative approaches back to the Authority-approved strategic marketing plans.
  • Create new copy elements that deliver consistent and appropriate messaging to target audiences. Graphic Production and Installation
  • Produce and install small and large, grand scale graphics seamlessly with the highest quality standards. Graphics range from interior to exterior installations. Make sound recommendations to the Authority on the best production and installation means necessary to execute a final, high quality and durable products.


  • Create film, produce, edit, and animate videos and provide high quality, high definition, finished products within a pre-determined timeline and budget. Technical capabilities include using the most current production and editing software platforms to produce the highest quality, audio, and/or computer generated graphic videos that allow for easy and efficient editing of projects.
  • Draft video scripts and prepare and present story boards for each video. The creative process for each video project will be a joint effort between the Authority and the consultant. Video creation (filmed or computer-generated), production, sound and music editing will commence upon approval of all scripts and storyboards.
  • On-site filming which includes the assembly of proper lighting and audio as required to produce high quality, high definition videos that are broadcast quality and may be distributed to news sources.
  • Videos generally should be compatible with the Authority’s various airport TV monitors and web postings, including, but not limited to, outside websites and a variety of medium and other channels. Broadcast-quality video productions, as specified by each television station, will be required for selected projects to be used for television advertising and the consultant will be responsible for distributing the high definition videos to broadcast networks and others in the desired format.
  • Some video and/or audio projects may be created with or without an Authority representative or producer present, depending on the type of project, deadline and available manpower. In some instances, the Authority may just provide direction and the video/audio production firm may send either ‘in-progress’ updates or a ‘finished’ product. The level of Authority involvement will be at the Authority’s sole discretion.



In order to test passenger perceptions of Dulles and Reagan as well as awareness of products and services to induce trial and usage, the consultant may be required to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research in the Washington metropolitan region to determine new trends in passenger habits and preferences.

The consultant may be required to:

  • Conduct and analyze quantitative research throughout the contract term to better understand the changing aviation industry and its effect on consumers. The research may include, customer demographics, passenger perceptions of Dulles, behavior before and after arriving in the airport and preference for selecting an airport. The new data should be incorporated into the consultant’s annual strategic media plan to help strengthen Dulles and Reagan’s position in the marketplace.
  • The consultant shall be required to conduct qualitative research such as focus groups, as needed, throughout the contract term to test creative campaigns that are designed to influence trial and usage of Dulles and Reagan and its services.

Proposal due by February 10, 2017 to:

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Procurement and Contracts Dept
MA-29 1 Aviation Circle, Suite 154
Washington, DC 20001-6000

PR firms in Washington, DC include Fleishman-Hillard, APCO Worldwide and Burson Marsteller.


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