Bollwood PR: Minissha Lamba Hot – Sofiia Hayat Cold

Minissha Lamba

If ever there were a celebrity cat fight in the making, Bollywood seems to be churning with opportunity. A new bombshell import, Sofia Hayat, reportedly blurted out the fan favorite Katrina Kaif is talentless. Comparing herself to Bollywood’s reigning queen may be a strategy, but whether or not it is a good one remains to be seen.

Continuing her assault on India’s tinsel town beauties, Hayat went on to suggest Minissha Lamba’s images in a recent photo shoot were photoshopped to make her look sexier. The UK star of “Diary of a Butterfly” said her own were not tweaked at all. She went on to add:

“If Katrina Kaif, who has no talent, can make it big, then watch out India, here comes Sofia.”

Evidently Hayat has opted for the “bad girl” strategy for getting ahead in Bollywood. But, judging from what anyone can see in the photos of the budding starlet, a little photoshop and chop would not have been a bad idea in her case either. If I do not miss my guess, that extra baggage about the thighs is either cellulite or a bad rash.

Katrina Kaif

For the future or present fans of Sofia, you may want to check out the starlet’s personal website for her story and more images. She also has a music site dedicated to her impending glory as well. Granted the lady is a pretty girl, but as my Mom always used to say; “Pretty is as pretty does.” Bashing other competing actresses shows a bit of the wrong side of any star, especially a lady. So, Hayat wins this weeks PR Goofy Award for uncool behavior. As if people cannot tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly.

Next Sofia will be claiming she is more popular than Jesus, or as the image left suggests, that she too can walk on water.

In all fairness though, just about every image of Minissha Lamba I looked at this morning (and Sophia for that matter) showed both stars with enough makeup on to sink an aircraft carrier. Whatever happened to the natural girl? Oh, that would be Katrina Kaif, now wouldn’t it?

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