Bollywood’s Top Public Relations Firms

2015-07-28 by EPR Staff
Bollywood'sTop PR Firms

Don’t you just love all the different genres you can find in film and stories these days? Have you enjoyed more than one Bollywood film? The dancing, the colors, the music, the festive feeling - what’s not to love. Well just in case you are wondering, here are some of the top PR and Media firms that are working in the Bollywood industry. Dale Bhagwagar Media Group. Dale Bhagwagar runs an independent PR agency, and many consider him the best Bollywood PR guru. You can find him at He has handled publicity and image building for more than thirty... Read More >

Bollywood Star Kangana Ranaut Threatens Her Public Relations Company

2015-06-10 by EPR Staff
Bollywood Star Kangana Ranaut

According to media reports emanating from India, one of the most prominent stars of the Bollywood Film Industry, Kangana Ranaut has sent a legal warning to a public relations firm whom she recently fired. As was reported, her lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee, sent a letter to an unnamed PR firm: “The representatives of your company out of bitterness then malafidely, mischievously and intentionally started spreading various false and absolutely misleading stories against my client to the media therein trying to cause serious damages to my client's name, image and reputation." Media reports claim the PR firm had been warned previously. Her... Read More >

Bollwood PR: Minissha Lamba Hot – Sofiia Hayat Cold

2011-05-19 by EPR Staff
Minissha Lamba

If ever there were a celebrity cat fight in the making, Bollywood seems to be churning with opportunity. A new bombshell import, Sofia Hayat, reportedly blurted out the fan favorite Katrina Kaif is talentless. Comparing herself to Bollywood's reigning queen may be a strategy, but whether or not it is a good one remains to be seen. Continuing her assault on India's tinsel town beauties, Hayat went on to suggest Minissha Lamba's images in a recent photo shoot were photoshopped to make her look sexier. The UK star of "Diary of a Butterfly" said her own were not tweaked at... Read More >

Kareena Kapoor May Be Victim of Domain Squatting

2010-07-02 by EPR Staff
Kareena website

Kareena Kapoor, one of Bollywood's most famous actresses, supposedly started her very own fan site. Judging from the look of the new site, and the domain suffix, it appears to be a site created to take advantage of the starlet's fame. It is unimaginable that such a beloved actress, with the resources behind her, would engage the web so feebly. Kareena Kapoor, star of so many Bollywood classics including Three Idiots, supposedly put up a fan site on the web the other day. A search of news for her name will reveal links to stories about the event. Unfortunately, either... Read More >

Aruna Shields and Bollywood Class Morality

2010-06-09 by EPR Staff
Aruna Shields everything-pr

As it turns out, finding a Bollywood actress to do a nude scene in a film is not all that easy. Director Pravesh Bhardwaj has been beating the bushes to find a major star to do a scene in Mr Singh Mrs Mehta, some 60 said no. Then along comes the beautiful Aruna Shields to play the pivotal part of Neera. This story, and the story within the making of this film is actually very interesting. Pravesh, it turns out, has gone through something of a life altering experience trying to get this story out. The role Sheilds is now... Read More >

Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif Says No Kiss Kiss

2010-02-04 by EPR Staff

The buzz from Bollywood today involves superstar Katrina Kaif's supposed refusal to do onscreen scenes that involve kissing or wearing revealing clothing. The long and short of her new acting mantra? "No kissy, no bikini shots." Kaif has reportedly shunned the idea of doing scenes which she feels are uncomfortable. In fact, based on all the stories coming out today, she always has felt bad about being asked to do such scenes. This could be the best or worst PR movie ever in Bollywood if reports are true. Katrina revealed she never liked doing such revealing or intimate scenes in... Read More >