Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif Says No Kiss Kiss

Katrina Kaif Bollywood PR

The buzz from Bollywood today involves superstar Katrina Kaif’s supposed refusal to do onscreen scenes that involve kissing or wearing revealing clothing. The long and short of her new acting mantra? “No kissy, no bikini shots.” Kaif has reportedly shunned the idea of doing scenes which she feels are uncomfortable. In fact, based on all the stories coming out today, she always has felt bad about being asked to do such scenes. This could be the best or worst PR movie ever in Bollywood if reports are true.

Katrina revealed she never liked doing such revealing or intimate scenes in the first place, but she is going to rectify her mistakes in the past, and is refusing to give in to pressures any more. One source suggests that Katrina told director/producer Tarun Mansukhani of her decision while making Dostana Part Two.
Apparently, directors and producers have basically tried to force Kaif to perform such scenes by suggesting the script or story line demanded them. Kaif says this will no longer work. Many critics suggest Kaif’s stand on the issue may not be a wise one no matter how successful she has become.

Other actresses are ready to do just about anything to get a part, so Katrina is putting herself in a little bit of a compromised position in the long run. Still, she has to be respected for taking a stand on her own artistic license an interpretation. At least if these reports are true. The beautiful actress is maybe one of the only artists in Bollywood who could pull such an act off. Leaving more to the imagination is a good thing really. Many fine actresses, in Hollwood for instance, have taken their personas to the next level in such a way. Of course refusing kissing is a lot more limiting than refusing nudity or love scenes in general.

Katrina just accepted an award for her contributions to cinema from the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. She revealed a little more of her personal mantra to fans and critics alike in speaking about “self belief” as a key to life success. Katrina reportedly made the following statement to reporters in New Delhi:

“I think everyone wants to make the best of the opportunities you get in life. Everyone has a special place in the world and I think self-belief is the most important thing which keeps you going so you should never lose it.”

Katrina Kaif is Bollywood’s most famous actress obviously. Leading can be a difficult task for any celebrity or official as we all now. Many of Katrina’s fans and associates will obviously appreciate her position on these issues. Confidence after all, come from knowing one is doing the right thing. The bottom line on the PR end of things is, if fans support her decision she is a genius. Otherwise?

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