Kareena Kapoor May Be Victim of Domain Squatting

Kareena Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s most famous actresses, supposedly started her very own fan site. Judging from the look of the new site, and the domain suffix, it appears to be a site created to take advantage of the starlet’s fame. It is unimaginable that such a beloved actress, with the resources behind her, would engage the web so feebly.

Kareena Kapoor, star of so many Bollywood classics including Three Idiots, supposedly put up a fan site on the web the other day. A search of news for her name will reveal links to stories about the event. Unfortunately, either Kapoor is a victim of someone buying the domain of her name plus the “me” suffix, or her publicists and associates know absolutely nothing about the Internet. What a shame, either way. Someone with the legendary stars interests should look into this farcical smudge on her image.

We caught the news of Kareena’s supposed web engagement via the news, and on traveling to the dreadful website here, were shocked at the low quality. Apparently someone has already taken note as the site shows a 503 error now. But, this just goes to show that domain squatting is a real threat for celebrities especially. In case you do not know, “squatters” basically buy cheaply names associated with celebrity or high profile brands, and then basically try to extort or otherwise take advantage of those associated with the names. The “me” domain being one not typically purchased when business or stars buy up their associated domain names.

You had better sit on all those domains Kareena, the Internet wolves are out there waiting. It costs more in the long run to do damage control than to grab them all up at once. Below is the landing of the website, which apparently is having some trouble technically. Either traffic is affecting loads, or someone is working on the site. Whichever, it is not a professional site.

Kareena Kapoor Website Bollywood

The site is unstable and shows nothing of professional design

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