Minnesota National Guard Issues RFP For LGBT Advertising Campaign

The Minnesota RRB is looking for focused advertising that will reach the LGBT community and serve to lend credibility to the National Guard.  The Minneapolis/St Paul area has the largest population in the State of Minnesota.  We are looking at increasing our market share to meet the demand of recruiting.  This campaign must reach out to 17-34 year olds as well as their family and friends.  Additionally, Minneapolis has the fourth-highest percentage of adults identifying themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.  Based on the U.S. Census and the Williams institute, 12.5 percent make up the LGBT community.  The MN RRB has previously advertised in a leading LGBT Print magazine achieving a significant impression rate (4,912,893 print; 2,088,840 online) to one of our key target markets.

Scope of Work:

Requirements: The Contractor shall provide creative talent capable of developing high quality graphic products in both print and digital advertising that support the campaign tactics and convey the objectives of this campaign.

The Contractor shall design, develop and deploy an integrated print and digital media marketing campaign.  This will include an initial strategy meeting with RRB marketing department to identify campaign feel and focus. The initial strategy will outline a by month execution of online advertising effort that is catered to the target market and the recruiting season and fiscal quarters.  Monthly analysis will be conducted remotely and require concurrence with RRB marketing department if changes are to be made from the initial strategy. 

The Contractor shall provide a professional image; all glossy publication; and be a company that targets readership in Minnesota. 

The Contractor shall include the MN ARNG logo provided by Recruiting and Retention Battalion marketing department.

The Contractor shall provide a 1/2-page ad in every bi-weekly print and on-line magazine published during the PoP. 

The Contractor shall provide a 1/2-page ad in the contractor’s Annual Pride Directory pages specific to Minnesota Army National Guard business listing.

The Contractor shall provide advertising throughout PRIDE season events in June 2020, a full-page ad in PRIDE magazine edition distributed in print and online edition with the MN ARNG logo.  This requirement is in addition to the bi-weekly and Annual Pride Directory ad.

Brand safe standards will be required to ensure brand is not associated with drugs, alcohol, adult content or sites that may damage brand reputation.

The Contractor shall reach a minimum of at least 20,000 readership impressions in Minnesota that have served or have a family member likely to have served in the military. 

The Contractor shall provide proof of publishing on all platforms (both print and digital) each month for the entire PoP.

The Contractor shall provide monthly ROI Report to RRB marketing department via email. The report is due the first week of every month, detailing the previous month’s impressions, click-through rates for the on-line magazine, engagements, leads and any other industry standard data that prove ROI and compare our results with that of an industry peer or norm. 

Due Date:

Feb 27, 2020 10:00 am CST


1025 Broadway Street NE

Minneapolis, MN, 55413

MWWPR has a strong LGBT PR arm.

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