Misinformation on Pinterest

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The first platform that completely banned misinformation regarding climate change was Pinterest. At the start of April, the platform rolled out a brand new policy that will eradicate any climate change misinformation by removing content that denies the impacts or the existence of climate change. The policy also removes content claiming that climate change isn’t backed by science or caused by human influence. Pinterest also announced that any content that contradicts previously established scientific claims, or that misrepresents scientific data about public safety emergencies such as extreme weather events and natural disasters, is also banned under the new policy.

Advertising Guideline Updates

Pinterest Advertising guidelines have also been updated to prohibit any ads that contain misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories related to climate change. This is especially important because any meaningful climate action only ends up getting delayed when advertising contains climate misinformation. According to Jake Dubbins, the co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network, the platform partnered with the Climate Disinformation Coalition for this move.

Content Updates

Pinterest also started recruiting its content creators all over the world to increase motivation around living a more eco-friendly life. The platform is doing this by promoting original content that encourages minimizing food waste, and that includes tips on thrifting and upcycling clothes. In the lead-up to this year’s Earth Day, the company is also going to be rolling out its own editorial content on a daily basis that’s based on sustainable living. According to reports from the platform, searches for climate-friendly tips have been increasing lately. In fact, as of February this year, searches for recycled home decor have increased by over 90%, while searches for zero waste lifestyles have increased by over 60%. In addition, searches for “zero waste tips” have increased by six times, while searches for “recycling clothes ideas” have increased by four times compared to February last year. The change in policy from Pinterest makes the platform the first major digital platform that has clearly defined regulations against climate misinformation across both advertising and user content.  The platform has also banned political ads, health misinformation, and weight-loss ads.

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