Sustainable Marketing Results

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According to studies, last year the big data analytics market was worth over $200 billion, and it’s expected to grow to $500 billion by the end of the decade. Measuring, analyzing, and applying data to a company’s marketing campaigns is what data analytics entails. However, the first step in data analytics is collecting data. After a company collects data it has to spend time analyzing and interpreting the information it has collected and applying those findings to its marketing efforts. This is the best way that companies can achieve sustainable marketing results from their campaigns. All data can be incorporated into both new and existing marketing campaigns. There are also plenty of tools that companies can use to gather more data from their customers, such as Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, Optimizely, and many others. There are also different metrics that companies can use to track performance with the help of all these different tools, but the exact metrics and key performance indicators they need to track will largely depend on the types of campaigns that businesses are trying to improve.

Data analytics

Companies need to collect and analyze data from their customers in order to get better results from their marketing efforts. In fact, according to research, companies that use five or more tools in their marketing analytics are about 40% more likely to see improvements in their marketing efforts. Using data in marketing efforts also removes the guesswork from marketing campaigns, which allows businesses to make better choices about how to spend their marketing budgets.  and create effective campaigns. Additionally, using data analytics in marketing can help companies set better goals for their campaigns. For example, companies can use the past performance of their marketing efforts to determine whether they should increase their spending on pay-per-click campaigns.


Companies that use data analytics can create more personalized campaigns for their customers. These days, personalization is a very important factor in marketing because about 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a business when that business uses personalization strategies in their marketing efforts. Companies aren’t able to personalize their marketing campaigns to their target audiences if they don’t first learn the want, behaviors, and needs of those audiences. The key to success is using data, which can help companies create better customer experiences during a time when customers are very selective about which brands they decide to interact with.


Nearly 80% of companies use testing to optimize their marketing efforts. Split testing can help companies focus on the elements of campaigns that work for the target audience, as well as for brands. There’s no need for companies to rely on their gut feelings or luck when creating their campaigns or even business websites because instead, they can rely on data. One of the biggest benefits of testing is that companies can practically test just about every element of their marketing campaigns, from page search efforts to email, landing pages, and overall websites.

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