Missouri Foundation for Health Issues Communications RFP

Missouri Foundation for Health Issues Communications RFP

Missouri Foundation for Health issues communications RFP. Missouri Foundation for Health is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. As a catalyst for change, the Foundation improves the health of Missourians through partnership, experience, knowledge, and funding.

The selected agency will be expected to work closely with MFH staff, stakeholder organizations, and coalitions throughout the MFH service region to coordinate and align efforts.

Scope to include:

  1. Develop a messaging campaign (to be rolled out in the fall of 2017 and continue through summer 2018) that will engage Missourians in bolstering their understanding and knowledge of the health and social safety net. This work should aid people in contributing their voices to the conversations around proposed changes. The plan should be adaptive in nature, taking into account the changing environment and need to rapidly disseminate messages.
  2. Manage the messaging campaign, which will include a diverse variety of media activities, strategic message development, stakeholder engagement, campaign tactics to reach different audiences, media purchasing, and evaluation.
  3. Develop a comprehensive paid media plan to supplement the messaging campaign and reach a broad audience. The plan will include a diverse mix of media outlets, including digital, social, and traditional media.
  4. Work in collaboration with MFH staff and partners to monitor federal and state policy changes that may affect the safety net.
  5. Conduct public opinion polls with key stakeholders as well as focus groups with community members, as determined by the Foundation, in order to assess knowledge gaps and identify opportunities to refine and inform messaging.
  6. Engage key stakeholder and coalitions from across all sectors (e.g., Missouri Health Partnership, Cover Missouri Coalition, Missouri Primary Care Association) throughout MFH’s service region to help inform, refine, and amplify key messaging from the campaign.
  7. Collaborate with MFH staff to identify opportunities to assess key components of the messaging campaign for learning purposes.
  8. Develop unbiased messaging and ascertain key information important for educating Missourians about changes that impact the safety net.

Due Date:

June 28, 2017



Strong healthcare PR firms include Burson Marsteller and Ketchum PR.

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