Bright Pink Leverages Mobile Marketing for Breast Cancer

breast cancer awareness

When you think of mobile marketing, probably the last thing you consider is using it for breast cancer awareness. That, however, is precisely what Bright Pink, a non-profit organization, is doing this month. The organization has started a unique mobile campaign aimed at getting women to perform regular self-exams on a monthly basis, something all women should be doing, but most of us forget about.

Bright Pink isn’t just sending you a quick text message saying “Time for your exam!” In fact, the organization decided to inject a little humor into what could be a potentially dull topic. To start off with, the site states, “We want you to go to second base with yourself once a month.”

If that isn’t enough to get you interested, check out some of the messages they send out:

B.R.E.A.S.T – A life-saving acronym: Be Responsible Early And Squeeze Them! Early Detection/Prevention is the Best Protection. Text STOP 2quit.

Take care of your girls by speaking up if you notice any changes in their look and feel and they’ll be your BFFs (Breast Friends Forever). Text STOP 2quit.

I don’t know about anybody else. But when I think about protecting myself, I touch myself. Visit 2 learn more. Text STOP 2quit.

mobile breast cancerBright Pink is a national non-profit that offers support and aid to young women, particularly those at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. They work to provide education that could help women discover cancer early enough for it to be treated quickly and are dedicated to helping women take control of their breast health.

The organization doesn’t just send out mobile messages, though this is being hyped right now. They actually offer a number of ways that you can stay on top of breast health and support for those who are already fighting cancer. Their Little Bright Book series is a series of easy to read, illustrated booklets that aid doctors and other health care professionals in discussing breast cancer with their patients in a way that is easy to process.

The website also has a section for cancer survivors to share their stories, as well as plenty of information on what to look for if you are at risk for breast cancer, as well as ovarian cancer. It’s quite the resource.

With a mobile campaign like their Underwire Alerts, Bright Pink is not only drawing attention to a very important cause, they are also building up a strong base of women who will be reminded to perform their monthly breast exam and also told that they should visit a doctor for a professional exam on a regular basis, even for young women.

Mobile marketing might not be the first option for many organizations to boost publicity for their campaigns, but Bright Pink is using it quite successfully.

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