What Is the Future of Mobile Marketing?

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Global Information Inc. have released four reports that examine the future of mobile advertising. The reports review mobile bar code marketing, messaging, in-app and mobile internet strategies, worldwide and U.S. internet ad spend, and mobile contextual advertising.

Mobile Bar Code Marketing

The study suggests that with increasing smartphone adoption, mobile barcodes are becoming a useful advertising tool, but neither marketers nor consumers are harnessing the full potential of QR codes. Mind Commerce Publishing predicts mobile bar code redemption value will exceed $50 billion globally by 2017.

Mobile Advertising

The report assesses how the business models in the mobile advertising industry have changed as users consume more content via smartphones. The study provides an in-depth analysis of this evolution profiling 10 major industry players. Forecasting the future of 4 market segments through 2017 (Mobile Messaging, In-App, Mobile Internet and Ringback Tones), strategies for brands, ad networks, operators and content providers are described.

Worldwide and U.S. Internet Ad Spend Report

A new IDC report examines the total volume and growth rate of Internet advertising spend the first quarter of 2012 in worldwide, regional, and US segments, forecasting US growth for Q2 2012 through Q1 2013. This report identifies top US new media companies’ quarterly domestic ad sales, growth rates, market shares and more. A spreadsheet of document’s data is available by request.

Mobile Contextual Advertising

Mobile advertising is expected to continue its rapid growth over the next five years. The challenge for mobile network operators (MNOs) is that advertising revenues from brands promoting themselves within the mobile contextual advertising segment will go to agencies that manage where and when ads are served and to publishers, rather than to the companies physically delivering the advertisements. The research explains that if this continues unchecked MNOs will face increased bandwidth demands and lose revenue to investment costs. The report concludes with recommendations for MNOs to maximize mobile ad revenue.

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