Mocha Red Brings a Kosher Miami Vibe to Union Square in New York

the loft steakhouse

There has never been a Kosher steakhouse like Mocha Red.  On June 14, Mocha Red, near Union Square in Manhattan, will begin serving customers with an unforgettable dining experience that will satisfy all cravings and keep you coming back: great food, curated cocktails and spectacular aesthetics, in an atmosphere that feels like a tropical vacation in the heart of New York City.  No need to travel!  

“Think Wynwood, Miami meets Tulum Mexico,” said owner Naftali Abenaim, who also owns Mocha Burger in Soho and on the Upper East Side, and Mocha Bleu, a gourmet dairy restaurant in Teaneck, New Jersey. 

Wynwood is an enclave in Miami, known for its vibrant street art and murals. Mr. Exclusive, who designed many of the murals in Wynwood, has outdone himself with original art for the walls at Mocha Red. Tulum Mexico, with its sea side cafes overlooking crystal-clear cobalt water with soft, sandy beaches, pampers tourists who want to relax and get away from it all.  That’s the goal at Mocha Red: a few hours of vacation from the world, where you can enjoy yourself and not just have a meal.  “People want to feel special when they go out,” said Abenaim.  “Until now, going to a restaurant meant eating and going home, or to another activity.  But at Mocha Red, you’ll have an incredible dining experience, with many dishes prepared tableside, to the rhythm of upbeat popular (secular? Jewish?) music.  We’ll be bringing in DJs to add a live performance vibe and encourage you to stay.”

Mocha Red’s menu captures several types of cuisine for the kosher discerning diner.  The star of the menu is steak, dry aged for ultimate tenderness in an open glass case you can see. But that’s not all.  Abenaim is excited to introduce MediterrAsian, a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, with dishes like fresh branzino flown in from Turkey, with a sherry/mirin wine sauce (getting more dishes), plus vegetarian and vegan options. Watch dishes like Caesar salad, guacamole or tuna tartare prepared tableside by one of Mocha Red’s talented sous chefs. A sommelier with extensive knowledge can help you make a selection of wine with suggestions for each item on the menu. To encourage regular visits, Mocha Red will have private 18” x 18” lockers to rent for a monthly fee, identified with a personalized gold plaque and accessed with your gold key. Keep your own personal steak knives, engraved with your name here, and that fabulous bottle of wine or liquor that’s best finished next time.

Want to watch the game, or have a pre-dinner bite at the 40-foot-long bar?  The same menu is available with 12 appetizer options including wings and burgers. “All budgets are welcome here,” said Abenaim.

The casual front and fine dining back are visually represented in the furniture that Abenaim designed himself for Mocha Red. He designed contemporary rattan seating in front and couches with plush, velvet cushions in back that invite you to spend a couple of hours with your steak and a nice bottle of wine.  The outdoor white seating with velvet cushions is reminiscent of Tulum, only you’ll be in the center of New York’s hippest area, where artists, designers and executives are returning to the city and restarting its economic engine. “Some restaurants have chairs designed to get you up and out as quickly as possible,” said Abenaim, “We want you to stay. Here, it’s all about comfort and your experience.”

Mocha Red, 127 Fourth Street, New York City will be open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Wednesday until midnight; Thursday until 2:00 a.m. and Saturday night from (an hour after sundown) until 2:00 a.m.

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