Board Game PR: Down With Ironing, Long Live the Monopoly Cat?

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Hasbro has gone and done it, the legendary game makers have done away with pressed shirts and stiff collars altogether. Now when the family breaks out the Monopoly Game in sheer boredom, a new token will be there for the gang to fight over. The riveting new Monopoly Cat token replaces the venerable (maybe worn out) iron play piece. A good PR move for the game?

Earlier this year Monopoly announced plans to replace on of its iconic game pieces with either a helicopter, a guitar, a robot, or a diamond ring (?), and YOU the INTERNET were selected to choose which. Just how come the good old (and super cool) iron had to go, nobody has been able to ascertain yet. But regardless of any inhibitions or gripes we the Monopoly playing world may have, instead of a sizzling and steamy mimic as we move our “man” across Boardwalk toward Go, we’ll mouth a hearty “Meow” as we collect our $200 and head out for Marvin Gardens again.

Well, this old guys guesses everything has its time. As for maybe my favorite Monopoly piece’s 76 year’s of pressing prime properties under foot (or heat I guess), some peeps on the web chose a kitty cat instead. This, from the same generation that has tirelessly posted goofy cat videos and animations on every social network under the sun? No wonder. AND the new promotional critter has already been Tweeted! I’m feeling for my old friend the Iron. But hey Now it’s a collector’s item!

Monopoly Cat on Madison Avenue

Monopoly Cat on Madison Avenue

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