Montgomery County Issues Marketing RFP

2020-06-17 by EPR Staff


The Volunteer Center requires a contractor who can manage the outreach and marketing efforts of our office. This person will be responsible for completing our monthly enewsletter that promotes volunteer opportunities of our registered agencies, managing our Facebook page, Twitter and other social media outlets, creating press releases and helping to coordinate overall communications and marketing. The contractor will also have responsibility for ensuring our weekly news to nonprofits is completed and sent. The contractor will work collaboratively with the staff (both paid and volunteer) at the Volunteer Center and our registered agencies to understand current volunteer needs and resources for nonprofits. The contractor will be responsible for producing the monthly newsletter, weekly news for nonprofits, and managing the social media for the Volunteer Center. The Contractor will assist with overall marketing and outreach for all Volunteer Center programs and events. The Contractor may also be required to provide other technical and administrative support to the Volunteer Center related to communications, website and social media. Some work may be done from off-site, but a large portion of the work is expected to be completed at the Volunteer Center office in Germantown in order to work with the team and keep informed and up to date on current events and priorities.


The Montgomery County Volunteer Center’s mission is to promote and expand meaningful community service in Montgomery County by recruiting, supporting, and connecting volunteers with nonprofits and government agencies. Our vision is to improve the quality of life in Montgomery County by fostering a culture of volunteerism and service in the community. Our website enables local nonprofit and government organizations to post volunteer opportunities and individuals and groups to search for ways to volunteer and respond directly to the requests from our registered agencies. We are an active partner with the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security with the Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) group and have a role in recruiting volunteers in response to emergencies. We work in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools to coordinate the Student Service Learning (SSL) Program engaging high school and middle school students in SSL opportunities. We manage a program to engage retired seniors as volunteers and a program to match skilled volunteers with professional projects for organizations. We promote volunteering to the Montgomery County community at large in multiple ways, including a monthly e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We provide important communications about resources to all our registered agencies with a weekly enewsletter. We manage large days of service annually including Martin Luther King Day of Service in January. For these events the Volunteer Center goes to all our registered agencies as well as other community groups to encourage them to plan projects, and we publicize the opportunities throughout the community to get thousands of volunteers engaged and encourage interest in volunteering throughout the year, and we recognize that service with promotions as well. We also manage an annual awards program for volunteers.

Scope of Work:

a. Produce monthly Volunteer Center newsletter using Constant Contact online application, working directly with Volunteer Center staff and registered agencies on content and other details.

b. Manage social media content, including regular postings on Facebook.

c. Working within County guidelines, help define procedures for other office staff to use social media that can be managed on an ongoing basis. Lead and instruct other staff as necessary.

d. Produce press releases and other outreach communications throughout the year for ongoing and event-specific activities. Coordinate with PIO an on-going calendar of marketing and promotion. Provide some coordination and leadership for all MCVC staff on marketing. 

e. Responsible for production of weekly “Hotlink” email for MCVC agency customers.

f. Manage Volunteer Center volunteers who might be assisting with weekly Hotlink email or other marketing communications.

g. Promote events and other Volunteer Center activities to the broader community to engage volunteers from all sectors of our diverse community using a variety of methods, including social media, email marketing, flier distribution, print and electronic media. 

h. Help to manage content on the Volunteer Center website.

i. Assist with tasks at Volunteer Center including providing customer service to nonprofits and volunteers as needed and time allows.

j. Work with MCVC staff to update an overall marketing plan on a regular basis.

k. Additional tasks may be added depending on the needs and plans at the Volunteer Center and additional funding available to extend the contract. Total compensation under the Contract (initial term, plus any optional renewal terms exercised by the County) must not exceed $99,999.

l. Comply with all county procedures, including specific Administrative Procedures related to information technology: 6-1 Use of County-Provided Internet, Intranet, and Electronic Mail Services and 6-8 Social Media. 

5.4. Contractor’s Qualifications Any individual contractor, or any employee of the contractor must possess excellent communication skills in spoken and written English. A minimum of two (2) years of experience as a writer and/or editor, preferably with a variety of publications. Experience utilizing Facebook and other social media as a marketing tool for a nonprofit or business. A minimum of two (2) years of experience using Constant Contact or similar online marketing tools. A minimum of two (2) years working with a variety of nonprofit and/or government organizations in the field of volunteer management.

5.5. Contractor’s Responsibility Described in Scope of Services 5.3.

5.6. County’s Responsibility Provide designated supervisor to guide and provide direction and approval of content to ensure it meets with county priorities and guidelines. When the contractor is working at the Volunteer Center office, not virtually, the County will provide office space, computer use and office equipment equal to the tasks in the contractor’s duties.

5.7. Reports/Deliverables Monthly newsletter for volunteers Newsletter for agencies Weekly social media content Press releases and other communications periodically

Due Date:

5:00 PM) on (6/10/2020)


Relevant agencies include  MWWPR and Hunter PR.