My Florida Issues Marketing RFP

1. NEED – The FDOC desires to secure an agency to serve as a key partner in the planning, execution and evaluation of consumer marketing efforts primarily focused on brand management, consumer engagement, paid media, digital media, social media, retail activation, influencer engagement and measurement. We are particularly interested in proposals from agencies that specialize in the representation of agriculture commodities, trade associations, and/or global brands/brand families. 

2. OBJECTIVE – The objective of the relationship established with this contract is to enhance the Department’s ability to fulfill its mission: Maximize consumer demand for Florida citrus products to ensure the sustainability and economic well-being of the Florida citrus grower, the citrus industry and the State of Florida.

3. REQUIREMENTS – All proposals shall be from well-established agencies with headquarters in the continental United States. The successful agency must have significant consumer marketing experience in the primary areas of focus of content/asset development and brand management, consumer engagement, paid media, digital media, social media, retail activation and influencer engagement.


The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is an executive agency of state government established in 1935 by an act of the Florida Legislature. The Department’s purpose is to protect and enhance the quality and reputation of Florida citrus fruit and processed citrus products in both domestic and foreign markets. It also acts to “protect the health and welfare and stabilize and protect the citrus industry of the state,” which in turn helps to promote the general welfare and social and political economy of the state. The Department of Citrus is a trust fund agency financed by an excise tax placed on each box of citrus moved through commercial channels. The Florida Citrus Code stipulates the maximum tax and how funds generated are allocated.

A portion of that tax is deposited in the state’s general revenue fund to offset administrative costs. The Florida Citrus Commission is the agency head and serves in the capacity of a board of directors for the Department of Citrus. The Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Governor of Florida and confirmed by the Senate for three-year terms. The members of the Commission must be citrus growers, packers or processors. Seven members of the Commission must be growers; three members must represent the processing industry; and two of the Commissioners must be fresh fruit shippers. The Commission oversees and guides the activities of the Department of Citrus. It is responsible for setting the annual amount of the excise tax as well as quality standards for all citrus grown, packed or processed in Florida. In addition, the Commission adopts rules regulating packaging and labeling of Florida citrus products and licensing requirements for packers, shippers, and processors. 

The Department of Citrus carries out Commission policy by conducting a wide variety of programs involving industry regulation, scientific, market and economic research, advertising, merchandising, public and industry relations and consumer promotions. Over 80 percent of the Department’s annual budget is spent on advertising and promotional activities for Florida citrus in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. The balance of its funds, derived from the excise tax, is spent for administration, scientific, economic and market research, and regulatory activities.

Consumer Marketing activities will include the following key areas:

· Consumer Engagement

· Paid/Digital Media

· Social Media/Community Management

· Content/Asset Development and Brand Management

· Influencer and Spokesperson Engagement

· Retail Activation (Online/In-store)

· Website Development/Management

· Measurement

· Other Related PR Services

C. Evaluation Process 

1. Evaluation Team: The evaluation team will include a minimum of three FDOC staff members and one Florida Citrus Commissioner.

2. Evaluation Criteria: The RFP proposal format should reflect the following:

a. Experience: 

1) Agency must have experience and demonstrated competency in the following areas: 

i. Consumer Engagement 

ii. Paid/Digital Media 

iii. Social Media/Community Management

iv. Content/Asset Development and Brand Management

v. Influencer and Spokesperson Engagement

vi. Retail Activation (Online/In-store) vii. Website Development/Management

viii. Measurement 

ix. Other Related PR Services

Due Date:

January 10


Florida Dept of Citrus 

Dianne Screws, Director of Purchasing & Support Services

605 E Main Street, 

Bartow Florida 33830

M Booth and Alison Brod are agencies worth considering.

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