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The National Police Association is a non-profit organization founded to educate the supporters of law enforcement in how they can help police departments accomplish their goals. The organization is solely supported through the contributions of other organizations and individuals.

National Police Association Focuses on Positive Services

The National Police Association is working to bring national and local attention to all of the positive services that are provided from the law enforcement providers at every turn, as well as to build public support for different actions through legal filings, articles authored by law enforcement experts, radio public service announcements as well as the NPA podcast.

With plenty of different individuals in the political system all around the country, including mayors, special interest activist, citizen review commissions, and many more, that are looking to oversee law enforcement, as their way to advance their own interests or the interest of their political allies, the NPA works against all of them by using the law.

Aside from education, the organization uses a combination of in-depth investigation, assertive legal filings, and clear communications in a way that it can advance the mission of combating the negative stereotypes surrounding law enforcement officials and holding them accountable. The NPA uses the law to highlight the abuses by various officials, change their behavior, and seek corrective actions.

Fighting for the Best Interest of the Public

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National Police Association

The Mission of the National Police Association is to educate supporters of law enforcement on how to help police departments accomplish their goals.

National police Association

The National Police Association also promotes different policies that can encourage the public officials to work with the local police in the public interest, instead of benefiting powerful special interests across the entire country. When there are specific cases of violence against an officer or where law enforcement officials have been obstructed or prevented from conducting their duties, the NPA offers rewards for those reports.

The organization also provides more real-time information to respond to police officers by developing private and public surveillance camera network partnerships. It also implemented the Project Safe Neighborhoods, a national initiative that increases the prosecution of violent organizations by the United States Department of Justice.

Additionally, the National Police Association provides different tools to local law enforcement, including legal backup by filing briefs, to preserve the legal methods that law enforcement officers need to do their jobs effectively.

Educating Various Police Technique

The organization also educates the public on various police techniques, like proactive policing, to generate support from the community for the local law enforcement. This is a fundamental tool that the police require to do its job, and with the morale-boosting programs from the NPA, such as the NPA Thank You Program, law enforcement officials can do their jobs easily.

Finally, the National Police Association frequently informs the Courts about present issues in different cases regarding law enforcement officials, from the police’s perspective in these cases, as a way to look at the ramifications of those issues.

Currently, the National Police Association…

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National Police Association logo

NPA Files Amicus Brief Supporting Fallen Officer’s Family

Recently, The National Police Association (NPA) filed a friend of the court brief supporting the lawsuit filed by the family of Deputy Daniel McCartney, who while responding to a call was fatally shot and killed in the line of duty on January 7, 2018, while responding to a home invasion robbery. Deputy Carter was 34 years old and is survived by his wife and three young sons.

The NPA’s brief provides an analysis of Pierce County’s legal duties to at least minimize risks through adequate staffing and training and rebuts the County’s defenses explaining how existing law allows the family’s lawsuit to move forward.

NPA Supports Minneapolis Citizens Amidst Chauvin Trial

The National Police Association has also been very vocal around the Minneapolis-based trial of law enforcement officer Derek Chauvin who is on trail for the murder of George Floyd last year in the same city.

The National Police Association (NPA) has been putting pressure on the Minneapolis City Council. The NPA argues that residents living near George Floyd Square have suffered under an “autonomous zone,” as police resources are shifted from the neighborhood to prepare for “inevitable rioting” to come during the trial. The National Police Association is speaking on behalf of Minneapolis residents demanding the city maintain its police force as required under the City Charter. Minneapolis is currently down 250 officers from what was initially required by the city charter.

The Obama Gang Published and Released by the National Police Association

The National Police Association writer and retired member of the Seattle Police Department, Steve Pomper has written a non-fiction investigative work exposing the author’s personal experience, which gives the reader reason to believe that former President Barack Obama’s Foundation actively works to vilify law enforcement across the US. Pomper lays the impressive groundwork furthering the idea that the anti-police firestorm, including the ‘defund the police’ movement, was carefully planned and meticulously carried out and led by the United States former President Barack Obama. 

The Obama Gang is available on Amazon at and all other major booksellers.  

The Obama Gan book cover published by the National Police Association
The Obama Gang

National Police Association in the National Spotlight

Betsy FF
NPA Spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.)

NPA Spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.) was welcomed by the hosts of Fox & Friends to discuss the Daunte Wright shooting recently. Click on the image above to take a look at what Betsy had to say.

About the National Police Association

The National Police Association utilizes a dynamic combination of education, assertive legal filings, in-depth investigations, and clear communications to advance a mission of combating the influence of anti-police activists and helping to hold them accountable. We use the law as a method to highlight abuses by antipolice elected officials, change behavior, and seek corrective action. The National Police Association promotes policies that encourage public officials to work with the police in the public interest, not for the benefit of powerful special interests.

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