PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR

PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR
PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR

The public relations industry has been busy at the start of this second quarter of 2019. With new hires and fresh faces cropping up weekly, it’s best to stay on top of the latest news.

DeVries Bolsters Its Wellness Arm

Communications specialty firm DeVries Global has hired a new SVP for Health + Wellness in Christa Lombardi. As consumer behavior continues to embrace health and wellness in 2019, DeVries saw an opportunity to improve its footprint within the space.

Lombardi, who will be based in the New York office, will be responsible for growing and managing the health and wellness portfolio held by DeVries. Lombardi has previous experience in health and lifestyle marketing, which will help her spearhead efforts to continue the growth of the DeVries portfolio.

Langeland Expands Responsibilities at Golin

Dawn Langeland received a well-deserved promotion within Golin, an Interpublic Group agency. Previously the managing director of Golin New York, Langeland will now oversee Brooklyn Brothers as well. A true growth hacker, Langeland was responsible for double-digit growth within Golin’s healthcare, consumer, and corporate spaces. Specializing in creating globally integrated campaigns, Langeland’s experience, and expertise will help foster growth at Golin while also focusing on expanding the operations of Brooklyn Brothers.

New York Women in Communications Honors Susan Magrino

30 year PR veteran Susan Magrino was honored recently at the 2019 Matrix Ceremony, hosted by New York Women in Communications. New York Women in Communications is a nonprofit focused on empowering women in the communications field.

Magrino is certainly deserving of the honor, receiving an award for her dedication to the industry. “We are proud to honor Susan Magrino for her talents and for her impact on our industry and beyond,” said New York Women in Communications president Judith Harrison said in a press release.

Magrino started her own agency on a small loan from her father, promising herself that she would live a life without regret. From there, she grew her business to eventually become one of the most recognized and best-performing firms on the public relations scene. She continues to evolve with an industry that’s always shifting, and her efforts continue to pay off in spades.

Havas Rebrands Itself

Sometimes, a reimagining is necessary in order for an agency to continue to evolve with the world in which it exists. Havas Group has announced that it has rebranded some of its PR and social media agencies under the new umbrella of Red Havas.

Why the name change? “Red Havas is a new, transformational and unmatched micro-agency network that will help redefine PR and its value to clients,” said Yannick Ballore, CEO and Chairman of Havas Group.

The rebrand comes with a larger investment into data, content, and insight tools. It is the hope of those behind the rebrand that Red Havas will move a new focus on Merged Media into the spotlight. The Merged Media concept blends traditional and digital publishing, content, social media and data in a revolutionary way, one that helps agencies increase their impact in an increasingly crowded industry.

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