The 9 Leading Boutique Public Relations Firms

boutique pr firm

Boutique Public Relations firms often specialize in a type of industry or keep their efforts to only a few categories. Below are some independent boutique PR Firms that have achieved top rankings in certain areas:

Beehive PR everything-pr

Beehive PR

Beehive PR, located in St. Paul, MN helps their clients build momentum and growth. They find the “aha” moments and include them in your marketing and branding through market research, creativity, and strategy. Beehive is a woman-owned firm, and has regularly been ranked within the top 35 nationally in beauty and fashion, home furnishings, finance, and professional services.

They rank highly in other areas as well. Some of their clients include Christopher & Banks, Coloplast, Mining Truth, and Verizon Wireless.

360 PR everything-pr

360 Public Relations

360 PR has locations in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco. The company began in 2001 and was recently honored as the runner-up for best independent boutique PR firm in the 2015 Holmes Report. They focus on turning big ideas into action.

360 has a full-service social media and digital team of experts, including analytics specialists, web designers, community managers, and producers. It must be a great place because their clients tend to stay with them long-term, and so do their employees. Some of the customers they represent are, Oregon Scientific, PBS for Kids, Hasbro, Charles River Apparel, and Juicy Juice.

Becca PR everything-pr

Becca PR

Becca PR is a small boutique PR firm that focuses on PR for some of the foremost restaurateurs and chefs in the world. They also work with clients in the hospitality, design, and lifestyle segments of the industry. Becca PR opening confesses they do not hire PR people, but instead people passionate about travel, food, fashion, and art.

Efforts from the firm are focused on marketing, events, consulting, and social media/digital help. Some of the establishments they represent include Lola, Craft, The Polo Bar, Riverpark, Ago, and Scott Conant from the Food Network and various restaurants.

exponent PR everything-pr

Exponent PR

Exponent’s office is in Minneapolis, MN. They were recognized as the Best Independent Boutique firm in the 2015 Holmes Report. So, though their location may not be found in the big centers like New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, or the like, they still manage to shine brightly in the work they do for clients.

Exponent focuses their efforts on building belief for their clients. They do much of that work on a peer level with the customers by showing the value of their brands with bloggers, and public influencers of all kinds. Clients of Exponent are Medtronic, Land O’Lakes, Purina, and General Mills.

Max Borges Agency

Max Borges Agency

The Max Borges Agency is a thriving boutique PR firm who established its success on three direct principals. They “work with great brands, hire smart people, do great work.” This firm offers clients various outlets for professional PR to diversify the application of their expertise. These services include visual communications, new product launches, integrated communications, social communications, becoming a thought leader, messaging & positioning, media & influencer engagement, and executive visibility.

Exponent PR

Exponent PR

The Exponent method of PR relies on the public’s general ability to believe. Belief itself is described as the epitome of everything pursued or progressed at Exponent PR. The firm’s desire to establish belief allows it to target a fundamental process the public experiences when judging character and reputation. Exponent was the 2015 winner of Boutique Agency of the Year, as covered by The Holmes Report. With a steady focus on creating a belief in the brands they service, exponent has satisfied customers including Land O Lakes, Purina, Caribou Coffee, General Mills, and Du Pont. Its industry sectors include food and nutrition, agribusiness and rural living, retail and QSR, and health and wellness.

Hawkins International PR

Hawkins International

Social media and international public relations are what comes to mind with Hawkins International. This boutique PR firm extends its services to the real estate, travel, and food and beverage industries with a track record of success. Hawkins International is a New York City-based agency with firm expertise using digital media. It’s a new world, and Hawkins has not only adapted, but it’s also effectively using those approaches and thriving. Like a highly ambitious and traditional PR agency, the firm is focused on great storytelling. As the saying goes, “Facts tell, but stories sell,” and that mindset has allowed this PR boutique to lay the foundation for an impressive name in PR.

Moki Media

Moki Media

At Moki Media, clients are given a healthy list of ways their brands can expand and grow. Whether it’s media placement, writing and editing, press materials, social media campaigns, VIP media dinners, or special events. Moki Media has a strong portfolio to support the expectations of a job well done. The firm is considered one of Washington DC’s premier boutique PR Firms. With comprehensive media campaigns and attention to details for all its VIP events, Moki Media will remain a significant player as a PR agency in the Nation’s Capital.

Flight Public Relations

Flight PR

Businesses hoping to advance to the next level of their public reputation reach out to Flight PR agency for an onboard experience. The game plan for each marketing campaign this firm implements is forwarded with creativity and specialty. Flight is located in Los Angeles and focuses on innovations for entrepreneurs, helps advertisers, and develops brands to reach heights never imagined.  Alysha Light is the founder of Flight PR. She worked with various agencies in her 14-year venture with public relations. She’s a Chicago native with a passion for public impression and an aptitude for providing great public influence for her clients.

There you have them, some of the top independent boutique firms in the U.S. currently. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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