Emerson Rigby Israel & Ido Aharoni

Emerson Rigby Israel & Ido Aharoni

Emerson Rigby

Emerson Rigby Israel Ltd was founded by Ido Aharoni in 2016. It is based in Israel as an investment and business development consultancy. Much of the work they do is based on helping various locations build a brand. Aharoni is perfect for that too, he’s been doing it to some extent or another for years. During his time in the Israeli foreign service, Aharoni was a diplomacy expert and then started the Brand Israel program – his official start to branding locations.

Speaking about that idea, a recent post on the company’s Facebook page said that, “Our national narrative must be true, authentic, compelling, attractive, and relevant at the same time. The narrative must not shy away from any problems, such as crime, geo-political strife, ethnic tension, etc.”

In recent Facebook posts, they’ve covered location branding about Las Vegas, Scotland, Malasia, the Ukraine, and Nigeria. But it doesn’t stop there, they’ve also covered the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles and concepts about the global market in relation to location branding. The agency continues that with locations other than Israel now, but it all began with Aharoni’s efforts beginning in 2006 when he introduced methods for branding a location, positioning strategies focused on helping public diplomacy.

Aharoni, speaking about national branding said: “”No place, no person, no organization, wishes to be solely defined by its problems. Every place has a DNA, a personality, just like a human being.”

Emerson Rigby also offers help and expertise regarding technology issues, diplomacy, and social media efforts – connecting them to goals of clients and how to build businesses. It’s not all just about creating a public policy narrative, but there is that as well.

Ido Aharoni

While in the foreign service, Aharoni became an Ambassador – the longest serving Consul-General in New York City and throughout the tri-state area. His six years in that office had him watching over worldwide diplomacy for Israel. Beyond his work for Israel and Emerson Rigby, he serves on the International Advisory Board of APCO Worldwide. He is also a Professor at New York University’s School of International Relations in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as Global Distinguished Professor.

In the past Aharoni was also a board member of DS-Apex IPO Inc., a financial company based in Israel. He was in the foreign service for 25 years, beginning in 1991 and leaving in 2016.

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