NC State University Issues Digital Marketing RFP

NC State University Issues Digital Marketing RFP
NC State University Issues Digital Marketing RFP

NC State University, Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, University Extension system (hereafter referred to as University) seeks proposals from qualified contractors to develop, implement, and evaluate a digital marketing campaign with the objective of directing North Carolinians to The ultimate goal of the digital marketing campaign is to increase enrollment in Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs) across all counties in North Carolina. The University specifically seeks contractors with demonstrated capability in implementing and evaluating a modern digital marketing campaign for health and wellness programs targeted to a statewide audience.


Diabetes Free NC is a collaboration between NC State University and the NC Division of Public Health. The website offers resources to determine an individual’s risk of prediabetes as well as access to register for a proven lifestyle change program (onsite and online) to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. All programs offered at are located in North Carolina and are Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved twelve-month long Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP).

The digital marketing campaign will drive individuals to the website. The campaign will encompass a variety of communication channels such as Facebook and paid media/pay per click that target individuals and organizations/institutions (i.e., employers and physicians) in North Carolina.

Scope of Work:

This work will involve the development, implementation, and evaluation of a digital marketing campaign. The digital marketing campaign pieces need to include paid media and social media (Facebook only) that will target North Carolinians in the 30 – 70 age range. The digital media will invite the target audience to visit so individuals can learn more about their risk of prediabetes and the ability to register for DPPs across the state, onsite or online. The budget for this project is $50,000/year, which includes covering the costs of production and placement of creative content and evaluation of the digital marketing campaign with the target audience. If the budget allows, the need may arise to target more specific demographics and geographic locations as well as incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/website optimization techniques. The University is open to reviewing a wide range of modern concepts, approaches, and tones.

Specific Work Items:

                • Arrange paid media placement and monitor performance on online and digital platforms

                • Flexibility to change paid media placement that is not performing based on click-through rates and bounce rates

                • Develop and implement an evaluation plan to determine improved awareness of

                • Develop and implement an evaluation plan that determines campaign effectiveness to increase enrollments in DPPs across North Carolina

                • Campaign planning and reporting/analysis

                • Coordinate with the University as necessary to meet deadlines

                • Potential for market analysis that includes identifying specific demographics and geographic location(s)

                • Potential for SEO/website optimization techniques (if budget allows)

Due Date:

February 5th, 2019.


Agencies with relevant experience includes Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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