Nevada State Treasurer’s Office Issues Advertising & Marketing RFP

Nevada State Treasurer’s Office Issues Advertising & Marketing RFP
Nevada State Treasurer’s Office Issues Advertising & Marketing RFP

STO is seeking a qualified vendor or vendors to provide best-in-class Advertising, Marketing, and Media services that will help it achieve its various programmatic goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office (“STO”) is responsible for administering Nevada’s Unclaimed Property program, and, along with the Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans, Nevada’s College Savings programs.

Scope of Work:

The selected vendor(s) will conceive and execute a comprehensive branding, marketing, and promotion program that educates, engages, and moves to action a diverse audience in furtherance of STO’s College Savings and Unclaimed Property goals. Desired services include, but are not limited to:

            2.1 Branding and Audience Analysis (College Savings only)

            2.1.1 Analyze and recommend improvements to the existing College Savings brands; assist STO in adoption and integration of recommendations.

            2.1.2 Assist STO in identifying and strategically prioritizing audience segments by program.

            2.2 Media Relations (College Savings only)

            2.2.1 Draft and distribute press releases, media alerts, and community calendar posts as needed.

            2.2.2 Pitch stories to local, regional, and national media to bring awareness to programs and initiatives.

            2.2.3 Provide on-site assistance for the organization and execution of interviews, press conferences, and events.

            2.2.4 Develop content necessary to promote stories and execute interviews.

            2.3 Advertising and Marketing

            2.3.1 Strategic development, placement, buying and management of advertising and marketing,   possibly including but not limited to:

   Digital (social, display, search, email, geo-fencing, and other targeting)

   Print (which must include all public notices required by



            2.3.2 Manage search engine marketing and online display ad campaigns targeted to respective audiences including social media targeting, video and streaming ads as well as cross-device schemes such as geofencing.

            2.3.3 Leverage media outlet relationships to negotiate promotions and added value components.

            2.4 Graphic Design and Multimedia Production

            2.4.1 Develop design and layouts for broadcast, print, social and digital media, including but not limited to video.

            2.4.2 Develop design and layouts for new promotional materials including, but not limited to, brochures, fliers, fact sheets, and presentation decks.

            2.4.3 Production services and copyediting to update or enhance existing STO promotional materials including, but not limited to, brochures, fliers, fact sheets, and presentation decks.

            2.4.4 Assist in securing print production at best value and managing print production as needed.

            2.5 Account Administration, Tracking, and Reporting

            2.5.1 Develop and monitor annual budget, create budget forecast based on master calendar, and submit timely invoices with appropriate backup and line items.

            2.5.2 Create, maintain, and track master calendar for all major tasks and activations.

            2.5.3 Develop program targets and measurements in collaboration with STO.

            2.5.4 On an as-needed basis, prepare and present analysis of program’s effectiveness and opportunities.

            2.5.5 Prepare and submit regular reports (at least monthly) tracking and measuring results of advertising, marketing, and public relations activities.

            2.5.6 Provide ongoing insights into local media trends, market conditions, and competitive spending and demographic/psychographics data.

            2.6 Other Duties and Responsibilities

            2.6.1 Produce public-facing materials in, at least, English and Spanish languages, and perform duties in a culturally-conscious manor, including Spanish language and Latinx media services.

Due Date:

October 28, 2019


Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Ketchum PR.

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