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Chris Taylor – PR Agent to NYC Billionaires, Opening Own Shop

Chris Taylor is opening a PR agency in New York sometime after Labor Day. She has not decided on a name for the place, but Taylor Made P.R. has been suggested by none other than former boss Bloomberg. For a couple of decades, she’s worked for and with such New York moguls as Michael Bloomberg’s limited partnership and for Ronald Perelman at MacAndrews & Forbes. Taylor has already lined up some high-profile clients, as well as keeping Ronald Perelman on the client roster, saying: “Ronald’s still a client.”

Amazon Alexa Skill CEO Thought Leadership “Kathy’s Thoughts” Launched by Ruder Finn

“Kathy’s Thoughts,” a new Alexa Skill recently launched quoting Ruder Finn’s CEO, Kathy Bloomgarden, sharing thoughts and inspirational thoughts for leaders. The aim is to help CEOs build better connections in communication with people – consumers as well as people in their organizations.

Kesha Unhappy With Dr. Luke for Hiring Sitrick & Company

The singer, Kesha, recently filed a Motion to Compel with the courts against Michael Sitrick’s PR agency requesting any emails or documents relating to her claim that a Sitrick client, Dr. Luke, record producer, regarding leaking and planting negative stories with the press about her to smear her name.

Sitrick is one of the top crisis management PR experts around and represents high-profile clients including the Church of Scientology, Michael Vick, Rush Limbaugh, and Kobe Bryant. Kesha also hired a PR firm – Sunshine Sachs – to help communicate with the press. And though one of her points against Dr. Luke is that he hired a PR firm, she also said that to deal with the ‘crush’ that comes with media attention, it’s usual to hire a PR firm for help.

HempStaff Hires North 6th Agency as Their AOR

With offices in both New York and Toronto, North 6th Agency (N6A) announced they will be representing HempStaff for their efforts in PR content, proactive media relations outreach, writing and editorial support, and strategic communications and messaging development. HempStaff is a leading company in Florida that finds and trains management-level staff for Cannabis dispensaries.

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