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Crenshaw Communications nabs contract with Netatmo

Crenshaw Communications

Netatmo appointed Crenshaw Communications as their agency of record, chosen from among several PR firms submitting bids to the RFP. Netatmo is a smart home tech company offering and creating beautifully designed intuitive, connected consumer electronics. Crenshaw will be providing content services and media relations in the U.S.

Virginie Golicheff, Netatmo’s Communications leader, said, “Crenshaw’s track record in CE and consumer technology, coupled with the team’s knowledge of the consumer lifestyle and home design space, convinced us to choose them. The Smart Home market in the U.S. has enormous growth potential, and we are confident Crenshaw will help us consolidate our strong position.”

Japan’s Softbank takeover of ARM nets banks and affiliates £206.7 million


Japan’s Softbank bought ARM Holdings, an iPhone chip maker in the U.K. becoming one of the largest takeovers costing Softbank approximately £24 billion ($32 billion). And as their part of the deal, various banks and their financial advisors and PR firms helping to take home a total of £206.7 million. Among those receiving in that payout are UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays.

The three main PR firms walking away with payouts are Brunswick, Finsbury, and Sard Verbinnen – with as much as £6 million.

Mark Olson to lead LEWIS in San Francisco

Lewis PR

Mark Olson just became the VP of public relations in LEWIS’ San Francisco office. Previously he was at Max Borges Agency where he opened their SF office in 2014 but was with them for a total of nine years. In SF he managed client relationships, recruiting new staff, and bringing new business to the company. Over the years, he’s worked with top-tier companies such as 3D Robotics, AT&T, Goal Zero, and Cricket Wireless.
In his new position, he’ll be figuring out ways to improve their existing client relationships, increase organic growth, bring in new business, and find ways to further integrated marketing.

Omnicom and Ketchum moving people forward

omnicom group

After Karen Van Bergen’s move to the head of Omnicom a few months ago, Omnicom and many of its affiliate entities have been experiencing changes– now some of it is affecting and moving Ketchum further forward. Ketchum’s European CEO, David Gallagher, just got a promotion into a newly created position. He’s now the President of Growth, Development, and International at Omnicom reporting directly to Van Bergen. Gallagher will be in charge of talent development, developing new business and services, and integrating client teams.

With Gallagher’s departure from Ketchum and his place on the global leadership committee, Mark Hume, CFO of Ketchum Europe add COO to his other duties. With the help of Rob Flaherty (CEO), they will handle the work previously done by Gallagher. It also doesn’t hurt that Gallagher stays in the same building – just a different floor – so he can be called upon for further assistance if needed.

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