Nissan Makes Bid for Biggest Auto Industry PR Goof

As we nearly predicted in a previous report on GM’s latest recall, Nissan Motor Company now fills its spot as the world’s car manufacturers begin recalling everything. Well, almost everything that is. Japan’s 3rd largest car maker reported it will recall over half a million units worldwide due to potential brake pedal and fuel gauge problems.

Nissan said most of the vehicles with these issues were sold in the United States. In all 5 models built between 2008 and 2010, including the Titan truck and Armada SUV, will be systematically recalled. The biggest risk involves a pin the the brake pedal which can partially disengage according to the company. Just like GM, Nissan appears to be underplaying the fault by suggesting a possible “loss in normal braking ability.” Just what this means is anyone’s guess, but like the GM steering problem, loss of ANY braking capability in certain situations could prove disastrous.

The recall involves some nearly 180,000 vehicles in the U.S., with another 25,000 slated for other regions to deal with the brake problem. According to Nissan, no accidents have been reported, but three reported cases of the pins loosening have occurred. Over 450,000 other cars will be recalled to solve a less hazardous fuel gauge problem which just let’s people run out of gas.

Nissan’s motto of “Shift the Way You Move” probably still applies, they just suggest you don’t try to stop in some models. Sorry, but these massive corporations and their minimizing news about potentially dangerous flaws should burn all of us after what we have seen these last months. Who will be next? We cannot predict that of course, but the safe bet suggests we won’t have to wait long to find out. We can’t wait for the next PR goof from a major corporation. Maybe the next one will at least imply some due diligence?

Porter Novelli, Nissan’s PR firm will have their hands full for quite a while handling this snafu.

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