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North 6th Agency (N6A)’s public relations and social media program aims to enhance brand awareness and profile for its client BlueRock Energy, a major provider of electricity and natural gas products to the Northeastern United States. They’ve represented BlueRock since 2012.  N6A established and continues to position BlueRock Energy as a thought leader in its industry, increasing the marketability of their products and services.

BlueRock Energy aims to leverage its existing reputation, boasting a team of energy industry professionals with over 70 years of experience and being recognized as customer-solutions-driven, and to set ambitious goals for brand reach and profile. Matt Rizzetta, President and CEO of N6A, expressed his confidence in the business relationship at the time they came on board: “Our team’s media relations expertise, understanding and depth of knowledge in the social media space and strategic planning abilities will raise BlueRock Energy’s profile and help the company reach its goals.”

Leadership, Clients, and Accolades from North 6th Agency

N6A is based in the SoHo part of NYC and was founded by Matt Rizzetta in 2010. They now represent nearly 50 clients, bringing their expertise in energy, B2B, healthcare, finance, entertainment, tech, and professional services to the table. Rizzetta was a boxer in his earlier years, making it to the quarter-finals of the Golden Gloves events according to the company website.

Some of the clients they represent include America’s Test Kitchen, Imagineair, PebblePost, the Relevancy Group, Vericred, and Wurk. N6A has won PR News Marketing Leader of the Year and the Marketing Effectiveness Award from Summit International. It was declared the #1 Fastest-Growing Firm by O’Dwyer’s and made the NY Observer’s List of Power Agencies.

Perks and Problems for North 6th

N6A hasn’t just won awards for their PR work. The New York Observer added them to their list of the “coolest spaces at the hottest PR firms.” On, N6A has a 4.8 out of a possible 5-star rating. Some of the things mentioned are event tickets, happy hour, senior staff willing to do whatever work is needed, and top performers who can find employees travel plans to places like Bali, Hawaii, Vegas, or elsewhere.

N6A closes the office on the company’s founder’s day and provide lunch on Thursdays with many additional perks for those meeting goals and topping the productivity lists. If you have lots of energy and a savvy approach to the business, you should love working here.

Getting a Job at N6A

N6A boasts over 30 employees and has become known for being a great place to work. They seem to be in constant expansion mode, but the culture is about standing out, not blending into the background. If that’s for you and you are interested in a job with them, email

Miscellaneous North 6th Company Information

The walls at N6A show what they want to emphasize to their people on how to deal with each other and with clients – their six points are: ‘Compete & Care,’ ‘Embrace the Pace,’ ‘I Was Wrong,’ ‘Championship Months,’ ‘Start & End Strong,’ and ‘N6Accountability’.

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