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The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is soliciting proposals for a contractor to provide marketing services for the Department’s 2017 Pride of Dakota Showcase Events (“Events”). The Department is seeking a dynamic agency with strong, full-service capabilities that can produce a quality advertising and marketing campaign for the Events. The campaign must be multi-platform and integrated to maximize cost-effectiveness and outreach.
Pride of Dakota (“POD”) was created in 1985 by former Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Jones who asked a small group of North Dakota businesses and the Department marketing staff to develop an identifiable state brand that would designate products as “made in North Dakota.” POD was officially launched the same year with a roster of about 20 companies. Today, more than 500 member companies – ranging in size from large companies with more than 100 employees to “mom-and- pop” operations – participate in the POD.

POD is a program of the Department with the goal of providing local business owners the business development resources and marketing opportunities they need to be successful. POD’s primary purpose is to expand, improve, and develop marketing for North Dakota products and services by promoting their use and sale. Under the POD program, the Department offers training sessions, resources, networking opportunities, and direct sales Events to assist members and build brand awareness. Throughout the year, several direct sales Events are held across the state, including two (2) at the State Capitol and one (1) at the North Dakota State Fair.

The Department is seeking a contractor to develop a multi-platform advertising campaign (including artwork, media buys, and media placement) to promote the following six (6) Events for 2017:
• Dickinson Harvest Showcase – Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 2017
• Jamestown Harvest Showcase – Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, 2017
• Grand Forks Holiday Showcase – Saturday and Sunday, November 4-5, 2017
• Minot Holiday Showcase – Saturday and Sunday, November 11-12, 2017
• Fargo Holiday Showcase – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 17-19, 2017
• Bismarck Holiday Showcase – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 1-3, 2017

These Events present an opportunity for new POD members to get their products in front of a large, diverse audience; create residual sales for veteran members; and provide shoppers with an opportunity to support the local economy while purchasing gifts and goods they would otherwise purchase elsewhere.

Advertising platforms used in the past include: print, radio, television, outdoor billboards, digital, and social media.

The successful offeror’s campaign is expected to increase Events attendance over last year’s totals:
• Dickinson – 2,141
• Jamestown – New event for 2017
• Grand Forks – 5,482
• Minot – 5,495
• Fargo – 9,370
• Bismarck – 10,427

For further reference about POD, please see

Scope of Work:

The Department is seeking an advertising and marketing contractor who will develop a multi-platform advertising campaign (including print and digital artwork), secure media buys, and handle advertising placements to promote the six (6) POD Events in 2017 and increase attendance over last year’s totals. The successful offeror will demonstrate a proven record of successful advertising and marketing solutions for clients with similar needs. In addition, the offeror must identify present examples of results that have met or exceeded goals in partnership with the respective clients.

Offerors should consider general Events advertising on a statewide scale, with a focus on the communities where the Events are being held. The Department’s target audience is the female population between 25-65 years, with secondary focus on others directly or indirectly engaged in supporting local, household purchasers, or those active in community events.

Department-Furnished Property/Services

The Department will provide the successful offeror with information, knowledge, and expertise it possesses which will be helpful toward successful completion of this project. The Department will also provide digital files as needed. The Department will have final review and approval of all advertising artwork and placements. The offeror will coordinate with the Department’s Agriculture Commissioner and utilize him as talent in any television or radio spots. The Commissioner’s voice must be used for radio spots. Regarding television spots, any voice overs must be done by the Commissioner.

Proposal is due on June 16 to:

North Dakota Department of Agriculture
Attn: Jeannie Jacobs-Kopp
600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020

Pr firms that work with municipalities include APCO Worldwide and Burson-Marsteller.

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