Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) Issues Public Relations RFP

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) Issues Public Relations RFP
Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) Issues Public Relations RFP

The intent of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit qualified professional consultation firms for evaluation, which may contract with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) to provide professional services for marketing efforts, media outreach, event planning, graphics design and fundraising strategies. The Firms shall be expected to offer expertise in the appropriate disciplines for the redesign of the agency’s websites, overall Content Management Systems (CMS), including electronic payment services, cyber security protections and related social media platforms. The marketing, event planning and fundraising services will be on-call, as-needed for several departments and affiliate organizations of NEPA. The provision of these services will be specifically contracted as work orders under an Open Agreement over a term up to three years.


The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) is one of seven sub-state regional agencies designated as a Local Development District (LDD) by the state and federal governments to enhance economic and community development activities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. NEPA carries out its mission within a seven-county region of northeastern Pennsylvania comprised of Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill and Wayne counties. NEPA provides a variety of services including business financing, international business development, government contracting assistance, nonprofit agency capacity building, and transportation planning and local government services.

Scope of Work:

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) is seeking competitive responses from qualification firms for a consultant that will be selected through a competitive process and operate under a multi-year open ended agreement. The successful respondent shall be capable of providing NEPA with professional consultation services that will meet NEPA’s current and future needs for website upgrades/redesign, overall evaluation of Content Management Systems (CMS), electronic payment services, cyber security protections, integration of related social media platforms, logo and graphics design, marketing strategies, media outreach, event planning, fundraising and membership development and related technical assistance, as needed.

An Open-ended Agreement will be developed and structured to deliver professional consultation services that will meet NEPA’s current and on-going requirements for a qualitative web and social media presence, and the marketing/media professional service needs for all programs, services and organizations under the NEPA agency umbrella.

The marketing, fundraising and membership development services will be as-needed for several divisions and programs within NEPA.

                1. Upgrade/Redesign of NEPA and Affiliate Organizations Websites

                An initial work order will be issued addressing the upgrade or redesign, programming and evaluation of CMS platform options for the following existing websites:






                New, dedicated fully functional webpages/websites for the following Programs and Services:

                                a) International Business Development

                                b) NCAC

                                c) New Market Tax Credit Program (CDE website)

                                d) Transportation Program

                                e) Regional Grant Programs (ARC and EDA) with Story Map capabilities

                                f) Research and Data with website tool to include seven county footprint listing key economic indicators and demographic data

                A combination of current and updated information will be used on these sites, but implemented into a CMS using WordPress site or other similar platform option offering better graphic appeal, navigation and function. The project consists of use of the sites’ current hosting, development of the CMS and programming of the sites. The websites should be designed to be durable, modifiable in-house and designed with an adaptable structure to surviving constant technology changes and conform to industry standards.

                2. Cyber Security, Pay Online and Appointment Scheduling Options

                                a) The upgrade and redesign of the above websites and program/organization pages shall include appropriate cyber security defenses to protect our web presence.

                                b) A Pay Online function shall also be developed to accept payment for memberships, event fees, sponsorships and donations.

                                c) An FTP or similar secure platform for file sharing and transfer of personal a sensitive information shall be developed.

                                d) Development of a website functionality for constituents to be able to schedule research time at the NCAC library and appointments with NEPA program staff.

                3. Logo and Graphics Design

                NEPA is considering the redesign of several logos and graphics associated with NEPA programs and affiliate organizations including the Nonprofit and Community Assistance Center (NCAC), the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), the Business Finance Center (BFC), the NEPA Metropolitan Planning Organization (NEPA MPO) and Focus 81.

                4. As Needed Marketing and Communications Services

                The selected firm shall provide expertise in a variety of marketing, public relations, promotional   and media communications disciplines through work orders on an as-needed basis. Consultant tasks assigned through the open-ended contract will be completed under a series of individual work orders that may be agency-wide or program specific, and subject to budgetary considerations. NEPA anticipates that the majority of the work orders will be small in scale and short in duration. Examples of potential or likely projects that may be requested are listed below.

                                a) Marketing – General marketing of agency offerings or specific services and program offerings;

                                b) Media outreach – Specific strategy of using media outlets to reach specific target groups within limited timeframes;

                                c) Event Planning and Coordination – Assistance with special event planning, media events, press conferences, program seminars and workshops;

                                d) Development and Placement of Print, Radio, TV and Online Media Advertising;

                                e) Membership Development – Assistance with development and expansion of NEPA membership and NCAC membership;

                                f) Fundraising – Development of strategies and assistance with identifying program fundraising opportunities for partnerships with the private sector and other entities.

                                g) Program Development and Expansion – Consultation to ensure media and marketing strategies are tailored to maximize program effectiveness.

                                h) Evaluation of Client and Constituent Database – Assessment of current database  platform, client types, membership(s) affiliations and other attributes, and evaluation of upgrade options that will allow for easy integration and segregation of client needs with program offerings.

Due Date:

April 30th, 2019.


Donna Hritz

Communications & Operations Manager

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance

1151 Oak Street

Pittston, PA 18640

Relevant agencies include Finn Partners and MWW PR.

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