Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Seeks Marketing Agency RFP

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

NWIRP plans to expand its marketing and graphic design capacity and seeks the services of a contract graphic designer in 2019 to produce a variety of marketing materials to better support NWIRP’s mission of defending and advancing immigrant rights.

Goals with this RFP are to:

  • Provide general background on NWIRP
  • Accurately describe the services sought by NWIRP (Scope of Work)
  • Obtain competitive pricing for these services
  • Select vendors with a demonstrated capability of delivering high quality graphic design services
  • Provide a selection process fair to all vendors
  • Identify a potential partner for long-term contract


Founded in 1984, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is a nationally-recognized legal services organization on the front lines of defending and advancing the rights of immigrants. Each year, NWIRP provides direct legal representation and assistance in immigration matters to thousands of people with low incomes from over 170 countries and who speak over 60 different languages. NWIRP challenges unjust policies through high-impact lawsuits and advocates for laws and policies that respect the rights of immigrants. NWIRP is also a trusted provider of immigration-related community education for immigrant communities and social service providers. In 2019, NWIRP has a staff of over 100 and an annual budget of $12 million. NWIRP serves the community through four offices in Washington State (Granger, Seattle, Tacoma and Wenatchee), but the impact of our work is felt nationwide.

Our Brand:

                While our current brand is lush, exuberant and color-saturated, we are looking to shift our          overall tone to a crisper, more polished appearance, while nonetheless retaining our rich color    palette.

Our Development & Communications Strategic Goal:

                Amplifying our Mission

                                In order to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision of justice and equity for all persons                                                 regardless of where they are born, we need to grow our resources and share our story                                                more broadly. This will, in part, strengthen our capacity to secure more – and more                                         flexible – financial resources. We will also do more to tell NWIRP’s story and share the                                      impacts of what we do, as well as acknowledge the lived experiences of people we                                              serve, in order to advance public support for our work and for meaningful policy change.

Scope of Work:

                Graphic Design Services

  • Develop exceptionally professional, clean, and compelling layout and final artwork for print and digital collateral, including:

                                                o Branded PowerPoint template

                                                o Various fact sheet templates, including both donor- and client-facing                                                                  documents

                                                o Monthly donor club logo and letterhead

                                                o Email templates for newsletter, action alerts, information alerts, and event                                                     announcements.

                                                o Electronic gift acknowledgement letterhead

                                                o Generic event invitations, both electronic and print templates

                                                o Electronic Annual Report template

                                                o End-of-year campaign materials including letterhead, thank-you notecard,                                                      postcard, and two envelopes

                                                o Development presentation folder

                Client Communications

  • Understand NWIRP brand and articulate brand message through appropriate design solutions
  • Update brand guideline documents
  • Maintain consistently excellent standards of quality and attention to detail in all drafts and final products
  • Communicate effectively in writing and in verbal conversation, establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with all person encountered during the performance of duties
  • Track client direction and feedback with utmost attention to detail in order to deliver promptly and accurately upon all requests
  • Deliver products by deadlines, as directed by client
  • Respond to client communications within 24 hours (with the caveat that responses need only be during regular business hours)
  • Track hours effectively and bill accurately

Due Date:

February 28


Agencies with relevant experience includes APCO Worldwide and Prosek Partners.

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