Ocala, Marion County Florida Issues Marketing RFP

Ocala, Marion County Florida Issues Marketing RFP

The City of Ocala is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide professional advertising and marketing services. The awarded consultant will be responsible for providing comprehensive, strategic and innovative advertisement campaigns for Ocala Fiber Network’s broadband product line. The City is committed to implementing a marketing plan that will energize the city’s interest in these services to specifically targeted neighborhoods and business districts. The consultant must demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of how to create and implement a comprehensive telecommunications marketing program strategy to fulfill the objectives of the city.


Ocala Fiber Network (OFN) is an enterprise of the City of Ocala. OFN offers high speed internet services including Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), Fiber to the Premise (FTTP), Colocation, Dark Fiber and Metro Area Network products to business and residential customers located in the City of Ocala and surrounding areas within Marion County, Florida.

Scope of Work:

Consultant’s Responsibilities:

  1. Develop strategic consumer marketing plans for designated neighborhoods or business districts selected by the City. Present specific campaigns with measurable objectives for each target area and tactics to achieve those goals.
  2. Recommend and employ specific marketing mediums to include but not limited to: print design, search engine optimization, website content, mailing campaigns, billboards, videos, photos, etc. Monitor placement to ensure accuracy and completion of all media schedules.
  3. Present strategies that maximize funds to establish on-going marketing initiatives.
  4. Identify potential marketing and advertising partners for leveraging a comprehensive marketing program.
  5. Create a reporting strategy that will inform the City, in a timely manner, of the successes and failures of the marketing program.
  6. Provide corrective action measures to address failures or intensify successes.
  7. Incorporate City supplied data and current marketing efforts into the consultants’ plan.
  8. The marketing plan will specify the following issues and provide a cost estimate where appropriate:
  9. a) Where marketing efforts will occur?
  10. b) What will be marketed?
  11. c) Timeline strategies.
  12. d) Available resources.

Consultant Requirements:

  • At the beginning of the project the selected consultant shall meet with City Staff including the Director of Telecommunications, Deputy Director of Telecommunications, Network Engineer and selected individuals to discuss the approach and method to proceed.
  • The City requests milestone based updates to discuss changes in direction or needed details, and in general to ensure work is proceeding as required.
  • The City shall provide specific and detailed direction on the areas, neighborhoods and districts to target; including product information for prospective customers and timelines for delivering     these campaigns to the selected consultant. These elements are critical to the creation and implementation of the marketing and branding strategy.

Due Date:

August 6th



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