Ohio Department of Commerce Seeking PR Agency

Ohio Department of Commerce Seeking PR Agency

Ohio Department of Commerce, Investment Fraud Awareness Campaign is seeking an agency for Public Relations and Media Relations. They seek an agency to design and implement individual elements of an awareness campaign on behalf of the Division of Securities on the issue of investment fraud targeting diverse populations.

Investment fraud schemes are taking a major financial toll on Ohio investors. In addition to the financial loss, oftentimes the victims and their families must deal with the devastating emotional toll as well.

To stand out from the myriad consumer protection campaigns, our focus is to use diversity as our unique element because Investment Fraud Doesn’t Discriminate.

Everyone is a potential victim for investment fraud. In this campaign, we would demonstrate that becoming a victim of investment fraud can happen no matter one’s race, gender, ethnicity, age or economic standing. All messages will encourage Ohioans to call the Division of Securities Investor Protection Home.


The Ohio Department of Commerce (ODOC) is a self-supporting and chief regulatory agency of the state of Ohio, made up of eight divisions. The department issues nearly 600,000 licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications each year in various professions, industries and commercial enterprises. Through the divisions, ODOC regulates banks and savings institutions, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and consumer finance businesses; securities professionals and products; real estate professionals and cable television. Another area of regulation is liquor permits, fire & building code enforcement, tracking and/or the return of unclaimed funds to Ohioans.

ODOC has incorporated a mission that is focused on safeguarding the citizens and visitors of Ohio, their property as well as their resources while ensuring reliable marketplaces conducive to business growth and prosperity.

The Division of Securities administers and enforces the Ohio Securities Act. The Division licenses broker-dealers, securities salespersons, investment advisers, investment adviser representatives and investment officers. The Division also oversees the registration of securities offered for sale to Ohioans. When Ohio securities law is violated, the Division can pursue administrative actions, civil injunctive actions and criminal referrals. Ohio is considered a model state in its licensing, registration, and enforcement practices.

Scope of Work:

  • A robust public and media relations strategy and execution to garner trusted third-party coverage of the issue and the campaign itself.
  • Reporting Tools: The ability to accurately track and measure the success of the campaign.
  • Maximum budget available is $49,000

Due Date: May 18, 2017

Address: Ohio Department of Commerce
77 South High Street, 23rd Fl
Columbus, OH 43215

Fahlgren Mortine & Eric Mower + Associates are Ohio based pr firms.

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