The mission of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) is to provide statewide leadership of a high-quality mental health and addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery system that is effective and valued by all Ohioans. OhioMHAS strives to be a national leader in implementing a comprehensive, accessible, and quality-focused system of addiction, mental health care, and wellness for all Ohio citizens.

OhioMHAS is committed to meeting the behavioral health needs of all Ohioans across the full continuum of care and services . Public health campaigns serve as a critical component of the public health system and important gains in educating the public on a range of issues have been linked to the development and successful execution of large scale campaigns.


Work Requirements: The awarded Contractor will act as an extension of OhioMHAS’ internal resources to help develop, provide creative media solutions, and promote the Take Charge Ohio campaign. Exceptional levels of account service are expected. Campaign promotions may be broad-based to reach all Ohioans or specialized to focus on specific, diverse communities, markets, and demographics throughout the state. The Contractor’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

1.       Developing a multi-cultural and multi-lingual campaign by incorporating the Agency’s messaging to be presented across various media outlets, including television, print, radio, digital, billboard, and social media. The Contractor will be provided with the content for the campaign. The campaign will run for the amount of time that the funding can support.

2.       Performing media-buying services such as planning, prioritizing markets, negotiating rates and placement, tracki ng, optimizing, and analysis of the Take Charge Ohio campaign developed for the Agency. The Contracto r must bri n g forth and apply innovative thinking in a mutually productive capacity, cost-effective targeting, and have the capabi l i ty to determine the appropriate mix of media to maximize and extend the reach and frequency of messages to the targeted populations. The Contractor will be responsible for securing the media-buy and will invoice, at cost, the Agency.

3. Researching and defining the demographics of target audience(s) to determine the appropriate media source to use to ensure the greatest impact of a campaign. The Contractor is expected to recommend, and upon Agency approval, implement alternate delivery solutions for content to reach the targeted audience. For the Take Charge Ohio campaign, the targeted audience is Ohio’s African American and Hispanic populations.

4. Displaying a competency in all marketing disciplines, including social media, internet, mobile, research, business -tobusiness, retail, sponsorship management, design, development, programming, and security and maintenance. The Contractor will be responsible for evaluating all paid advertising opportunities on behalf of the Agency, providing an analysis of the media’s value, and recommending a course of action.

5. Ensuring campaign deliverables are completed within established timelines, distributing material to selected media outlets, and verifying the campaign runs in its entirety and at the frequency as agreed. The Contractor will monitor the campaign and make any necessary adjustments to produce a quality and effective campaign.

6. Securing sufficient staff to timely develop the campaign, perform project management, provide status updates, manage budgets, forecasting and billing.

7. Working closely with and under the direction of the Agency. The Contractor may be expected to collaborate, cooperate, innovate, and partner with existing suppliers and be accountable and transparent.

8. Providing monthly status reports during messaging development. Updates will include the names, responsibilities, and the number of hours worked for all personnel assigned to the project and the sections of the work completed. 

9. Performing post-buy analysis and employing other marketing metrics to measure the return on investment, determine campaign effectiveness, and provide sufficient data that can inform additional media buys. The Contractor will provide the Agency with a written evaluation that will, at a minimum, include the media outlet(s) used, identified opportunities and problems, adjustments made, and if available, audience feedback.

Proposals must be submitted to: 

Department of Administrative Services

Office of Procurement Services – Bid Desk

4200 Surface Road Columbus, OH 43228-1395

Due date July 11

Agencies to consider includes Edelman PR and Ruder Finn.

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