Olympic Games Logo, a Future Rorschach Test Card


The 2012 Olympic Games Logo was revealed to the public in 2007, yet somehow Iran needed four years to spot that, to the Islamic trained eye, it spells out ‘Zion.’ And I stare at it, with a crazy stare, looking for the hidden Zion, for that veiled pro-Israeli conspiracy depicted by Mohammad Aliabadi, head of the National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic, in his letter to Jacques Rogge, Head of the International Olympic Committee, and cannot find anything even remotely resembling the word Zion. With a stretch of imagination, I can only read Zoir – whatever that means.

But if you tilt your head, and really want to see Zion, you can (if you refuse to read ‘Zioz’). Heck, you can even see Madonna there, posing for Playboy, if you are a bit high. Whatever your delusional paranoia causes to you to see, it’s all in that logo, and in many others – it just takes a bit of imagination. In fact, the 2012 Olympic Games Logo should be included as the eleventh card in the Rorschach inkblot test – it would make great food for psychologists.

This logo was under heavy fire since it first launched. Designed by Wolff Olins, the brand identity representing the 2012 Olympic Games in London was compared with a swastika, and some, more creative, found a sexual act hidden between the symbolic shapes. Some even saw a dancing Egyptian in this logo – yet so far no one came with the theory that the logo had racist connotations (well, aside those who saw a swastika – a veiled anti-Israeli conspiracy?). Mohammad Aliabadi said that the logo definitely spawned out of some people’s racist spirit.

Well, enough is enough. Let’s not cause a fire where there’s nothing to burn. The logo, ugly as it is, clearly depicts the number 2012. No Zion, no swastikas, no dancing Egyptians, and if you see sex there… oh well, you know what your problem is.

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