Oreo’s ‘Daily Twist’ Campaign is a Success

Kraft Foods’ Oreo ‘Daily Twist’ campaign celebrating 100 years becomes a success and has everyone talking about cookies. The celebration of the centennial started in March with the “History” print campaign. The already famous online campaign debuted on June 25th with a bold move: a cookie that had a rainbow filling, thus celebrating the Gay Pride Month. Since then, there was the Shark Week Oreo, the Mars Rover Oreo, the Shin-Shin’s newborn cub Oreo and even the Elvis dedicated Oreo.

“Responsibles” for these ideas are agencies DraftFCB New York, 360i, Weber Shandwick. MediaVest is also part of Oreo’s centennial. Cindy Chen, marketing director, said that this campaign aims at helping “everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside,” the “Daily Twist” wanting to show the “playful imagination of Oreo.”

“The vast majority of the work happens in real time. Each morning the team homes in on what’s trending and what’s right for Oreo” said Megan Sheehan, DraftFCB Creative Director. In fact, each day is a production day, with photo shoots involving real Oreos. “We’ve shot cookies at every angle known to man – and a few new ones,” she added.

“Whether it’s entertainment, utility, inspiration or humor, we’re always testing the value of the relevance to drive the most interactions and valuable conversations with Oreo fans,” mentioned Sarah Hofstetter, president of 360i. “Current events tend to be of strong interest to our community,” she said. “The content performs at its best when the relevance and timeliness come together, so we’re not too late to the meme.”

There is a dedicated website for this daily twist where anyone can “share a newsworthy topic in the OREO Moments Gallery and you might inspire our next daily twist!”

This campaign is already a success, as since its debut Oreo had a 110% growth in fan interaction per social-media post. It is indeed a great thing to see that a brand with a real history invested in a big promotional campaign, continuously adapting to users’ reactions. It makes you want to try an Oreo, or a cookie, even if you don’t usually eat one. Congratulations to the team involved in this campaign!

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