Orogold Cosmetics Examines the Anti-Aging Sector


International Skincare giant OROGOLD Cosmetics offers its take on the future of the anti-aging industry and examines the factors behind the unsurpassed growth of the anti-aging sector.

Barring the year 2009, the world cosmetics industry has witnessed a steady growth of about 4% each year between 2004 – 2013. The beauty industry is one of the few industries that managed to emerge unscathed from the recession and its growth seems to burgeoning thanks to the baby boomer generation.

Baby boomers represent the largest target market and they want products which help them look and feel younger. This probably explains the massive growth specific to the anti-aging beauty segment.

OROGOLD Cosmetics, one of the major players in the world of anti-aging skin care, has developed a marketing strategy to capitalize on the growth of this industry.


The Gen Y

Advances in technology and the growth of the television has transformed the way the Gen Y looks at skin care in general. It is not just the baby boomer generation who makes up the anti-aging consumer market. Women between the age of 25 – 35 have started to focus more attention on issues like fine lines and wrinkles.

Even though this group is still concerned with issues like oily skin, dry skin and acne, anti-aging is getting higher up on their concern list. Thus, they start focusing on solutions that cater to their skin issues, but also help them “age gracefully”. OROGOLD offers collections which vary in intensity, offering solutions for those who are just starting on their anti-aging efforts to those wishing to erase the years.

Proper Product Development

Companies across the globe are investing huge sums of money in their R&D departments so as to be able to capitalize on the enormous consumer interest. There is always an opportunity for growth for any cosmetics brand that backs its products with the right research. And for every budget. Many seem to believe that may be just as effective. But, consumers and Gen Y have no issues splurging on luxurious skincare.

OROGOLD Cosmetics lays immense stress on offering the right product formulations and ingredients. It places great importance on the work of its product development department and extensive research. Each OROGOLD product has been formulated after undergoing a great deal of research in order to customize the product to the needs of the consumer, without losing focus on anti-aging.


Product Innovation

More and more manufacturers are making a considerable effort to back up their marketing and branding strategies with the right skin care ingredients. The modern day consumer pays a lot of attention to the ingredients being used in their chosen products. Any brand offering consumers the right mix of ingredients can go a long way in gaining consumer trust.

This is yet another sphere where OROGOLD stands out as a brand. It has developed a reputation for using top quality ingredients that offer multiple skin care benefits to its consumers.

International Inspiration

The world economy is becoming increasingly globalized and interdependent. Marketing departments can find inspiration from all over the world. Lately the beauty industry has been taking many cues from Asain. A prime example of this is the explosion in popularity of BB and CC creams which were previously unknown to European consumers but very popular in Asia.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has found inspiration from different cultures all over the world for its beauty and skin care products. OROGOLD face masks, which take their cue from Asia, have become a very popular product in stores all over the globe.

Customer Feedback

Customer engagement has also become paramount in this ever changing world of skin care. In such a competitive environment it is vital to listen to the voice of your consumer and use that to adapt. Customer feedback has grown in importance over the years and the internet age has made such feedback more readily and quickly available than ever.

OROGOLD finds customer feedback to be an amazing tool. Through multiple channels like blogs, websites and various social media channels OROGOLD is always listening to their customers. Following this practice allows OROGOLD to learn more about consumer issues and customize products according to consumer needs. The end result is a business model that is fine tuned to the needs of the consumer.


Beauty is not just skin deep

Globalization and the internet, along with the sheer numbers of cosmetic brands has created a vast range of products which offer customers unlimited choices when it comes to solutions for their skin. With hundreds of brands offering quality skin care products, customers are always on the lookout for brands that deliver that something extra.

OROGOLD differentiates itself by offering the “OROGOLD experience.” The brand doesn’t just offer consumers a product to purchase, they also offer a service. Personalized attention along with a luxurious and pampering setting are just some of what make OROGOLD special.

“At-home solutions” need to become more satisfying

Companies that offer customers the ability to replicate the stellar on location experience, from the comfort of their homes, are taking off. More and more customers are inclined towards brands that allow them to enjoy luxurious spa-like experiences in the comfort of their own homes.

This creates an entirely unique opportunity in the cosmetics industry for brands that are able to meet national regulations as well as offer their customers products that deliver visible benefits and enjoyable applications.

According to OROGOLD, it has been focusing a great deal of time and energy on creating such “experiences” for its customers ever since its inception. In fact, this is one of the main reasons the brand has managed to gain international acceptance in a relatively short time and emerge as one of the key players in the world of skin care.

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