2021-07-12 by EPR Staff
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As Outagamie County prepares for implementation of new programs and initiatives funded through the ARPA, it seeks as-needed, on demand professional marketing and communication services to support those efforts.


Outagamie County is located in northeastern Wisconsin, with the county seat in Appleton. The county’s population is right under 190,000. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was signed into law by President Biden on March 11, 2021. This new federal COVID-relief package includes direct funding to counties through the U.S. Treasury Department in order to improve the safety, health and opportunity for all within our communities, with a focus on those most harmed by COVID-19. Additional information on Outagamie County’s local implementation of American Rescue Plan funding could be found here.

Scope of Work:

Responsibilities are focused on Outagamie Rescue Plan implementation marketing and 

communications support. Firm to provide direct support to the Outagamie Rescue Plan 

Implementation Team to ensure key county related information is dispersed to media 

outlets, the general public, and key stakeholder groups. This would include but is not 

limited to:

• Communicating critical information effectively to the public on behalf of Outagamie 

• County.

• Drafting press releases and preparing background information for distribution by 

• media outlets.

• Drafting talking points and scheduling media interviews for county elected 

• officials/personnel.

• Responding to press inquiries related to Outagamie Rescue Plan implementation.

• Organizing press conferences and media events with county elected 

• officials/personnel and key stakeholders.

• Developing marketing materials and website content to promote Rescue Plan 

• programs and initiatives in the community, consistent with the existing logo/brand 

• for the Outagamie Rescue Plan.

• The awarded firm will be expected to attend in-person onsite meetings within 

Outagamie County.

Due Date: July 8, 2021 – 2:00 p.m. CT


Project Information

Craig Moser

Deputy Director – Department & Board Relations

(920) 832-1683