Palmdale, California Issues Marketing RFP

Palmdale, California Issues Marketing RFP

Palmdale, California is seeking an agency to develop a marketing strategy plan. They seek a firm with experience in public sector marketing strategy services to develop a marketing strategy plan that improves community awareness of services provided by the City.

The City of Palmdale provides a variety of public services that serve community needs. Commonly used marketing methods include: social media outlets, local newspaper, Palmdale Magazine (City produced), local radio, direct mail, local television, City-run television station, email, billboards, public transportation, street banners, City-administered websites and grassroots distribution of advertising materials.

Scope of Work

The Plan to be developed should provide strategic action items, operational steps and outcomes in table format to facilitate the City’s ability to efficiently implement the Plan. The Plan shall address the following:

  • Review current marketing methods and outreach results to evaluate return on investment.
  • Identify community demographic and socio-economic data to support the proposed marketing and outreach plan.
  • Identify target audience and recommend marketing channels to increase awareness among target audience(s).
  • Provide advice and recommendations for citywide marketing strategies to extend customer reach and expand customer base.
  • Identify potential new marketing channels that allow marketing funds to go further and for additional stakeholders to be developed.
  • Propose strong, identifiable, relevant messaging to improve citywide awareness of services.
  • Provide a detailed budget of additional costs to the City in order to implement a marketing plan.


The main research question is ‘How can the City of Palmdale increase awareness of its services, programs and facilities through its marketing efforts?’ Please include an explanation for each of the following in your proposal:

  • What is being done in other cities?
  • How will a marketing plan help the City to be successful in expanding its reach to its target audience(s)?
  • What research-driven methodologies that will allow for meaningful of results? Include: (1) best practices, (2) return on investment formulas, and (3) recommendations for Palmdale.

Proposal due by April 18, 2017 to:

City of Palmdale
Attn: Purchasing Division
38300 Sierra Highway, Suite D
Palmdale, CA 93550

Strong PR firms with a California presence include APCO Worldwide and Weber-Shandwick.

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