Paycom Awards Millwood Public Schools $116,000 to Fund Music Program and Marching Band

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A leading software giant –– Paycom Software Inc. (NYSE: PAYC) — has awarded $116,000 to Millwood Public Schools to support valuable extracurricular activities, music programs and marching bands, in Millwood schools. The leading HR software provider gave back to Millwood schools to fulfill its 2-year commitment to the community’s public schools. The funds were donated through the Millwood Enrichment Program, a move tailored to bolster Millwood’s growing marching band program.

In particular, the money is intended to allow new instrument purchases for the programs. Through the undertaking, the students in the district will access better educational opportunities. In a statement released to the press by Milo Wilson, the serving president of the Millwood Enrichment Foundation, he said the public school district was thankful for the generous donation from Paycom.

Wilson further pointed out how the funding would improve the quality of education in Millwood School District. Through the acquisition of the equipment needed by the two beneficiary programs, Wilson felt the students would get a rare opportunity to grow their musical talents and chase after their dreams. He also felt the students who participate in bands would also be able to practice in a friendly environment equipped with better instruments.

The History and Future of Millwood’s Marching Band

In 2019, Millwood’s marching band had a dozen students. At the time, many students didn’t know about these programs or were put off from joining due to lack of resources. However, over the last few years, the number has grown to more than 70 members from grades 6-12.

With the new funding, this program is expected to soar to new heights. According to Paycom, $54,000 from the total funds donated will go directly to support the marching band. According to Dr. Cecilia Robinson-Woods, the superintendent of Millwood Public Schools, this funding will allow them to invest more in music education programs.

She further said conclusive research indicates there is a direct correlation between music programs and good performance in other academic disciplines, such as math and reading. Robinson-Woods also felt this funding would help the district to produce champions in classrooms and well-rounded students who will be able to function in today’s society.

Paycom – Giving Back to Society

For years, Paycom has championed worthy causes such as education and sustainable programs designed to build brighter futures for younger generations.

Jason Bodin, senior director of marketing and communications for Paycom, outlines how the company supports initiatives as a way to give back to the community. He believes one way to encourage innovation and creativity is through funding music. In most cases, this undertaking produces positive outcomes.

About Paycom

Paycom is a leading HR software provider that simplifies business operations by designing and creating user-friendly payroll technology. For almost 25 years, the organization has abided by the highest standard of work ethics and supporting education endeavors in society. Thanks to Beti, the company’s first payroll solution, employers can generate error-free payrolls with minimal stress.

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