Personalized Emails for Marketing Success

Personalized Emails for Marketing Success
Personalized Emails for Marketing Success

Although mobile messengers and chat applications have been exponentially growing in the past few years, email continues to be an essential part of everyone’s daily online life. Billions of people still use emails, and research shows that it will remain a major channel of communication, regardless of whether it’s for personal, commercial, scientific, academic, industrial, or legal purposes.

In fact, data has shown that, by 2023, over 347 billion daily emails are going to be sent, and it’s going to be happening on phones a lot more often. Thus, it’s no surprise that the iPhone email app is one of the most popular email clients, as it accounts for nearly 30% of email opened to date. It’s also closely followed by Gmail, the free email service owned by Google, which has over 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

All of this data leads us to surmise that email marketing is going to play an even more important role in the following years. 

However, email marketing is constantly updating and evolving. The generic marketing emails that people used to receive aren’t as effective or as interesting as they used to be. The key to email marketing success is a combination of automation and personalization.

When it comes to email marketing, the way that personalization works is by leveraging all the information and data that the business has on individual customers. Whether that’s the first name of the customer, or perhaps the last item they have purchased, their location, or even how many times they visit the website.

The very basics of email personalization involve things like the person’s name in the subject line. However, there are plenty of much more advanced personalization tactics, and those include personalizing the content of the email based on the person’s individual traits, such as gender, location, or other types of data the business has gathered.

The best way to go about this is to trigger the email marketing campaign to something specific. For example, if a visitor was browsing a certain product on the website, the business can then follow up with a demo video, or a promotional price, in this personalized email, which is quite effective. Research has shown that emails are usually the final prompt to motivate a potential lead into becoming a customer, especially when those emails are combined with remarketing techniques.

Personalized email campaigns are a guaranteed way to increase both the open and click-through rates. Both of these things have great impact on the ROIl, as well as the revenue of a business. According to some studies, if an email has a personalized subject line, the potential customer is 26% more likely to open it, compared to emails that don’t have this type of personalization.

The data is in and it shows businesses that potential customers find personalized emails to be a lot more relevant than generic messages and offers that most businesses prefer to send out.

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