Peter Gabriel Celebrates 25 Years since the ‘So’ Album Launch with Facebook Contest

Famous musician Peter Gabriel marks 25 years since the launch of the “So” album with an interesting Facebook campaign and the release of three different versions of the album. The campaign is centered on the musician’s famous hit “Sledgehammer” and, on Gabriel’s Facebook page, invites fans to recreate and upload scenes from the official video.

Fans have a dedicated interactive tab available and they have to select a scene from the video, recreate it and, of course, record and upload it. Fans will also choose the best submissions by voting.

The winner of the “Grab Your Sledgehammer” contest will be rewarded with a TDKperformance Wireless Boombox and autographed artwork, and another 30 runner-ups will get “Sledgehammer” posters.

The “So” album is also released once more in three different versions in a ‘So’ Deluxe Box Set. There is the original album, remastered – of course – which includes famous songs Sledgehammer, In your eyes, Don’t give up, etc., the “So DNA”, “a unique insight into the writing and recording of So – a journey that takes you through the evolution of each song’s development and recording”. The Deluxe box also contains a 60 page book with interesting information and photos, and two hours available on DVDs with unseen footage digitally restored from a Live in Athens concert, remixed in 5.1. There is also a 90 minutes documentary which presents the story behind the creation of the “So” album. Last but not least, there is a collectible 12” AA sided vinyl with previously unreleased songs, plus “Don’t give up”, and a Solo LP remastered 180 gram vinyl and an access code to downloading some more music. You can find out more in this video.

Peter Gabriel is definitely a name that will remain in music history, and “So” is an album that was really successful. Let’s not forget that “Sledgehammer” won nine MTV Video Music Awards in 1987. It is lovely to see an artist surrounded by fans though time, and it is also nice to prepare something special for a 25 years anniversary. Including social media in this promotional campaign only goes to show that “old” can be “new”. Re-creating scenes from the video is indeed a challenge, but it is also fun, so we’ll just have to wait and see – and enjoy – the videos made by fans.

Peter Gabriel has long been represented by big-wig Hollywood publicists PMK-BNC.

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