Philadelphia Parking Authority Seeks Government Relations Firm

Philadelphia Parking Authority Seeks Government Relations Firm


This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is being issued by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, (“Authority”),the Authority seeks to procure Government Relations Services from one or more qualified contractors to represent the Authority in state and/or local matters and in such other areas as directed by the Authority’s Executive Director or his designee.


The mission of the Philadelphia Parking Authority is to contribute to the economic vitality of Philadelphia and the surrounding region by effectively managing and providing convenient parking on the street, at the airport, and in garages and lots; effectively operating a system of red‐light camera enforcement; regulating taxicabs, limousines and transportation network companies; and other transportation‐related activities.

A number of customer‐focused actions flow from the PPA mission:

  • Improving cooperation and planning with PPA stakeholders, including state and local transportation partners,
  • Implementing cutting‐edge technology to improve the customer experience and enhance overall management and agency efficiency,
  • Emphasizing employee training on industry best practices,
  • Maximizing transparency in hiring and procurement,
  • Implementing on‐street parking management policies that address neighborhood needs throughout the City,
  • Encouraging reasonably priced off‐street parking through rate setting policies at seven PPA Center City facilities,
  • Maintaining and improving neighborhood parking lots to address both residential and commercial demand,
  • Providing leadership in partnering with private and public hospitality and tourism entities to enhance the visitor experience,
  • Applying the latest technology for a superior customer experience at the parking facilities at Philadelphia International Airport in support of this important regional economic engine,
  • Encouraging safe, clean, reliable taxicab, limousine and transportation network company service through sound regulations and consistent enforcement,
  • Improving vehicle and pedestrian safety in targeted intersections through automated red light enforcement,
  • Applying latest technology and continuing staff development to provide the highest quality public service with maximum efficiency.

Scope of Work:

Each contractor must:

  1. Be duly registered with the applicable state or local oversight body charged with monitoring the activities of lobbyists. Proof of all required registration must be provided with each proposal. That registration must remain valid and current throughout any period of representation of the Authority, as follows:
  2. If performing work in regard to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania government, the contractor must be duly registered and in good standing with the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission as provided in Pennsylvania’s Lobbying Disclosure Law. 65 Pa. C.S. § 13A01, et seq. and any applicable rules or regulations related thereto.
  3. If performing work in regard to City of Philadelphia government, the contractor must be duly registered and in good standing with the Philadelphia Board of Ethics as provided in Philadelphia’s Lobbying Code, Chapter 20‐1200 of the Philadelphia Code, and any applicable rules or regulations related thereto.
  4. In its proposal, describe its experience advising and representing government agencies in either local and state matters, or both, particularly matters related to transportation issues.
  5. Identify which of its staff will be assigned to represent the Authority and provide and a curricular vitae summary for each staff member.
  6. Represent the Authority using staff with at least three years of experience as registered lobbyists in Pennsylvania or identify supervisory staff with those years of experience to oversee the activities of those representing the Authority’s interests. Key project staffing changes must be approved by the Authority in advance. The Authority reserves the right to require, at its sole discretion that the selected contractor remove and replace specific personnel or staff from representation of the Authority.
  7. Have a strong working knowledge of legislative, administrative, and regulatory processes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the City of Philadelphia, or both, consistent with the proposed service.
  8. Have a history of successful government relations experience at the state and local levels.
  9. Describe a clear strategy for representing the Authority at meetings with key legislators at the state and local level as well as members of the Pennsylvania Governor’s office.
  10. Clarify its ability to liaison with the representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia School District, as relevant to the area of representations proposed.
  11. Identify the resources that will permit the offeror to attend committee meetings, administrative hearings and workshops; monitor legislative and administrative developments; and report back to the Authority.
  12. Demonstrate its experience in coordinating communications and meetings with officials or elected officials of the Commonwealth government or Philadelphia government, or both.
  13. Provide examples of successful government relation actions on behalf of clients before the Commonwealth government or Philadelphia government, or both.

Due Date:

June 29th, 2018


Philadelphia Parking Authority

Attention: Mary Wheeler, Manager Contract Administration

701 Market Street, Suite 5400

Philadelphia, PA 19106

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