Pinterest PR Lesson: Don’t Try too Hard at the Party

Given the go-getter attitude of marketing directors and PR professionals, this may sound counterintuitive, but the key to an engaging Pinterest presence is actually to not to try too hard. Of course, it’s great to take scientific approaches that experts like Copyblogger suggest, as with optimally timing your pins to get the most repins. But, as Beth Hayden’s thoughtful article on Pinterest marketing explains, the heart of Pinterest is in its title – interest.

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Interesting people don’t have to try hard to make people like them; being their own authentic self draws people in. Three things to keep in mind when leveraging Pinterest for PR success is to not obsess over it, but see it as a larger process in an overall and interconnected marketing campaign; be inspired by your own company’s vision and how other brands using Pinterest effectively, and of course, be true to your brand.

Pinterest is an avenue – not the avenue

Pinterest, like other social media outlets, helps to establish your brand not only as a thought leader, but a worthwhile curator given its emphasis on aesthetically pleasing images. Your Pinterest marketing strategy should be integrated into your overall PR campaign to enhance brand presence.

Make sure to cross-promote your pins across different social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter. Remember, it takes time to build a presence on Pinterest, unless you are already well-known. Your focus should first be on providing quality content that will attract followers, not how to get as many followers as quickly as possible.

Let Pinners See You For Who You Are

Think of your Pinboards as storyboards; every board tells an ever-evolving story, not only of what you offer, but the personality of your company. Courtney Seiter’s 21 Unexpected Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest, shows how brands like the Today Show use Pinterest to give their followers a behind the scenes look with boards like, “Anchor Antics” that feature television anchors pulling pranks on each other and having fun. Yogurt brand, Chobani, even ventures into slightly off-topic, but relevant discussions with their “We Would Like to Eat With You” board, which showcases beautiful spoons. Such relaxed approaches, not emphasizing your products, services are and how to buy them, give your brand an inviting quality; it shows that your business is not just about profiting from customer sales, but providing your customers an enjoyable experience.

Be True to Your Brand

Brand integrity is as priceless as it is delicate. Make sure that your social media staff is not only well versed in how Pinterest works, but also (and more importantly) your company’s core values. Knowing who your target customer is and what unique value you offer them is the foundation of effective pinning. This knowledge is key to creating appropriate pins and selecting the ideal posts to re-pin.

At the end of the day, people want to delight in your Pinterest presence. If Pinterest were a party, you would need to be the magnetic woman who draws people in with an attractive article that someone has to comment on. When a guest approaches you, they’ll see that you have even more intriguing information to share, which will keep them around, and encourage them to sing your praises to others. You are not the pushy partygoer who talks ad nauseum, believing if you say a lot, at least one of your remarks will be worthwhile to someone else. Don’t try too hard: get inspired (by your own brand’s objectives and other’s approaches), be true and let your hair down.

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