Portable tech accessories

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Tech accessories help to increase productivity. Given the fact that technology is indispensable, gadgets play an important role in our daily lives. Work and entertainment are becoming seamless with devices and they are becoming a necessity in most homes. Given below are some tech accessories that are portable.

Bluetooth frames by Soundcore

Audio glasses have the advantage that the user does not need to drown out their surroundings as they enjoy music or receive a call. Earbuds can drown out environmental noise. Bluetooth frames by Soundcore have four speakers and two microphones in sunglasses. The frames come in three different sizes and irrespective of the size, the price remains the same. There is also a selection of styles available which can appeal to a wide audience. Priced at $200, the batteries can run for five hours after being charged once. The glasses also have a hinge mechanism that can bend so that the glasses can fit any head size.

Solar portable by Nebula

This mini projector is compact and is priced at $600. It has a sleek design and can be carried to camping trips. The device can beam three hours of content and it can also be attached to a portable power bank. It can be synced to a network and can be used to play saved movies from its 8GB storage. The device also has a fold-down foot which helps to adjust its placement. Movies and presentations can also be cast to it from a smartphone. The distortion is minimal and it is perfect as an outdoor projector.

Mobile tripod by Peak Design

This device comes in handy to position smartphone cameras at an ideal angle. It is priced at $80. The design is compact and fits in the pocket when not in use. The aluminum mount docks magnetically to the brand’s case. The legs can be gathered to hold the phone with a mini selfie stick. It can also be packed down to an average thickness of half a centimeter.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

This charger is lighter than many others in the market. It is easy to carry and is thin enough to slip into a wallet. Priced at $60, it can fully charge a smartphone quickly. The card has swappable cables that can charge iOS and Android phones.

Digital tape measure

This device is for people who are particular about body changes. Created by Bagel Labs it helps users to analyze size measurements. It has three different modes and can help to measure body size, flat surfaces, and distances. The measurements can be converted into digital data and the user can access the data through their phone. One does not have to read tiny markings and numbers on a conventional measuring tape. It is priced at $80.

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