PN Sonar Detects Conversations Across ALL Media Channels

In a world already saturated with media monitoring tools, can PN Sonar truly make a difference?  A tool that promises to scan all media channels – print, broadcast and digital media – at the same time, PN Sonar claims to detect all the conversations about a brand.

Launched by Porter Novelli, this  proprietary monitoring and analytics system may outshine its competition, but so far, aside a press release, no one had the honor to actually see a dedicated web page with more information, or to test the tool. PN Sonar appears to be the ace up Porter Novelli’s sleeve, if the company ever decides to play it. We know it’s there – from now, we’ll take their word for it.
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A unique tool, as described by Karen van Bergen , CEO, if this is not a mirage, it may be a closed system, only be available exclusively to Porter Novelli customers. As PN Sonar employs both algorithms and human processing, this may as well be the case.

“PN Sonar is quite unique in the marketplace in that we are capturing and analyzing the totality of the dialogue happening across all traditional and social media, and using both our own team and machine-based processing to drill down to the heart of the conversation. As a result, we can move very rapidly to make strategic recommendations or campaign refinements that will result in immediate and measurable business impact, and put our clients in a position greater than they had been before.”

Joe Shantz the analytics senior vice president, explained that PN Sonar is used to customize discrete listening programs on a client-by-client, brand-by-brand basis. Also, the tool takes in consideration the specific language and grammar used by the target audience and fans of the clients who will receive data provided by PN Sonar.

“We work together with our clients to build the lexicon and grammar unique to our client’s business which lets us zero in on what’s really meaningful to consumers. With this information, we can help clients strengthen emotional bonds with consumers, mitigate looming problems, or identify ideas for new products and services. It’s a real-time expansive window into the discussion.”

Blending human review and machine analysis, Porter Novelli also claims that its tool goes as far as to 95% accuracy in what the sentiment analysis is concerned. We would love the hear feedback from  Porter Novelli customers who actually got to see this system-wonder.

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