Post-Marketing Strategies

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Once a customer has made a purchase, the journey doesn’t end there. During this stage, companies should focus on ensuring that every customer is happy so that they come back in the future, or even recommend the business to their social circles.


One of the best ways that companies can improve their overall marketing funnel is to learn the stages where potential customers get stuck. To get a better understanding of that, companies can include surveys in their post-marketing strategies that are going to be placed on the company’s website, or given to customers after they make a conversion. With these types of surveys, companies can better understand which elements of the marketing funnel work well, and which ones don’t, as well as to measure customer satisfaction. Additionally, companies can use drop-off surveys, which are commonly used whenever a customer asks for a refund or cancels a subscription, which helps businesses learn what went wrong and use that information to improve the overall customer experience.


In the post-marketing stages, customers are likely using the company’s products or services, and to encourage them to continue doing that, companies can in fact incentivize them with referral programs. For instance, companies can provide their customers with a discount on future purchases, for every new customer that they refer to the business. On the other hand, companies can also provide loyalty programs that are going to reward loyal customers for their continued business. Whichever strategy a company decides to use from these examples is going to be positive for both companies as well as their customers. That’s because the customers get rewarded for spreading the word about the business, while the company gets more leads and sales. Additionally, this type of strategy also helps companies acquire new potential customers through word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Customer service

Most companies think that once their customers finally convert, their work is done, but that’s not the case. Companies need to ensure that all of their customers are happy with the purchases they’ve made, which is where customer service starts playing a very big role. Businesses that provide excellent customer service encourage their customers to do business in the future again and recommend a company to other people at the same time. On the other hand, companies that have poor customer service tend to damage their brand reputation and lose out on customers. In fact, nearly 70% of customers have reported that they’re more likely to pay more for products or services if the companies that provide those solutions have good customer service. There are several ways that companies can improve their customer service efforts, such as responding to any customer queries in a timely manner, taking any customer feedback seriously, and using that information to improve the products or services. Companies can also offer customers multiple channels where they can receive support, such as social media, email, live chat, or phone, and train every customer service employee on the best way they need to handle any inquiries or complaints.

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