5 Tips for Great PR on a Tight Budget

public relationsWhen you are trying to get the word out about a new business, there are plenty of different strategies that you could use effectively. If you don’t have much money to work with, public relations can become a lot more difficult. You may have to get creative to be able to get your name out to the masses. Here are five great PR tips for those on a tight budget:

1. Start a Blog

One of the best ways to promote your company is to start a blog. Blogs are free or cheap, and you can reach a large audience with one over time. If you write good and relevant content, people will want to read it. You can get traffic from search engines, from links on other sites, and from many different sources.

2. Do Something Newsworthy

If you can get your company to do something newsworthy in the community, you may be able to attract free press from the local media. For example, if you do some kind of a fundraiser or event for charity, you may be able to get some local reporters to come check it out. This can help get the word out about your business, and give your business a positive reputation in the community.

3. Network

Another good way to get exposure for your business is to engage in some networking. Go to trade shows, Chamber of Commerce events, and other organizational events in your area. Trade business cards with other people at the event. You never know when you’ll develop a contact that can lead to great business prospects in the future.

4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

When you want to increase awareness for your business, one of the best ways to get some attention is through pay-per-click marketing. With pay-per-click, you can target geographically, and you can target specific keyword phrases that are related to your niche. For instance, if you just started a new flooring company, you could choose keywords like “carpet” or “hardwood flooring” to trigger your ad. With pay-per-click marketing, you can set up a campaign on a credit card to get started.

5. Social Media

Using social media sites like Facebook and twitter can be a great way to get some PR for your company. The best part about this strategy is that it’s free.

You don’t necessarily need a big budget to be able to get the word out about your company. Consider finding credit cards low interest rates to make sure that you don’t have to pay much for the financing of your projects. As long as you’re willing to work at it and get creative, you can still achieve great results.

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