PR News From Edelman, RF Binder, MWW PR & Sitrick PR

PR News From Edelman, RF Binder, MWW PR & Sitrick PR

The PR world has been buzzing over the last month, with new additions to worldwide teams and business growth across the globe. Some recent News

David Schraeder Joins RF|Binder as Executive Managing Director

On the 10th of July, competitive communications consultancy RF|Binder announced that they have appointed David Schraeder as an executive managing director for the corporate and financial services segment of the firm. Schraeder will be working on building up the company’s extensive history of working with clients in wealth management, asset management, banking, insurance, and fintech. As an experienced professional in the crisis communications space, Schraeder is well-suited to the new role. According to the founder and CEO of the company, Amy Binder, David will be joining the team at a time when exceptional leadership is incredibly important to getting ahead in the financial space.

Short-Lived Legal Dispute for Harvey Weinstein

The legal dispute arising between PR expert Michael Sitrick and Harvey Weinstein may be coming to a premature close this month. A press release on the 21st of July revealed that despite a somewhat aggressive court debate to begin with that alleged the disgraced producer had been hiding so as not to pay off his debts, the legal issue might not go any further.

Parties are continuing to discuss the issues of the case in private arbitration regarding the fees remaining owed to Sitrick for his work with Weinstein following the New York Time’s exposure of Harvey in October. The disagreement may be over by the end of the month.

MWWPR’s Alanna Suda Becomes Co-Chair of New Task Force

On the 26th of July, expert PR company MWWPR announced that they are appointing Alanna Suda as the Co-Chair of the Social and Health Policies Task Force for Women in Government Relations. The group is one of the most highly-commended non-partisan and non-profit government organizations in the Washington Metro area.

The WGR Health and Social Policies task force is made up of people from the private and public sectors with a shared passion for improving social and healthcare policies. Suda will be using more than two decades of experience representing healthcare organizations to support the group and deliver growth for WGR.

US World Cup Saboteurs Did PR for Gaddafi 

A recent news report on the 30th of July reveals that the PR company known as Brown Lloyd James Worldwide – hired by Qatar to sabotage the US and Australia during the World Cup, has a significant history of interesting former clients – including Libyan ex-president Muammar Gaddafi, and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Assad hired the PR company in 2010 with a $5,000 monthly contract. The communication agency was responsible for liaising between the Syrian first lady and Vogue, where they managed to get her a glamorous and highly effective profile in the magazine.

Kevin King Quits Edelman After 14 Years

Finally, July ends on a somber note for Kevin King, the Digital Chief of PR company Edelman. On the 30th of July, King released an announcement stating that he is leaving the organization after 14 years at the helm. As the global chair of the Edelman Digital brand, King was responsible for part of the focus that led the company to become the biggest PR agency in the world – now with more than 1,000 employees.

King announced his resignation during the last week in July, though no details have are available regarding Kevin’s decision to leave the company.

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