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French/West/Vaughan Now PR AOR for Structure House

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Structure House, a leading residential weight loss program for those using various behavioral and health-based decisions along with changes in their diet, has hired French/West/Vaughan (FWV). FWV is an independent advertising, PR, and digital marketing firm based in Raleigh. They’ve been commissioned to improve Structure House’s expertise in health care and increase their media efforts including bringing their experts presence more to the front. Also to amp up media relations for the facility, and publicize plans still coming to fruition such as a new spa and classes from their Executive Chef for healthy, well-balanced food preparation.

Structure House’s CEO, Stuart Hurley, said: “We are proud to be a next-generation health care program that continually innovates and evolves on behalf of all we serve – addressing not only the physical needs but also the behavioral and mental needs of our participants. In partnering with FMV, we will be able to further showcase what sets Structure House apart from other weight loss centers and programs in the country – our long-standing expertise and proven results in providing behavioral health services.”

Finn Partners Survey Shows Social Media Affects Public Policy Outcomes

Finn Partners surveyed 1000 adult internet users in the US in January 2017. One thing they asked was whether users believe social media impacts public policy on issues such as trade and immigration. The answer was a resounding yes as 80% felt that to be true. Only 15% of them felt platforms like Facebook and Twitter don’t hold sway on the outcome of public policy. 49% of them feel it has some impact and approximately 33% feel its sway factor is significant.

Another interesting find from the survey has to do with positive or negative effect of social media on individuals. The results showed that 32% feel social media has some (or more) negative impact. While 46% of internet users feel it has some (or more) positive results on individuals. 11% weren’t sure about it. Facebook seems to be aware of these thoughts and recently added a new Town Hall feature that “links users to their local elected officials and sends reminders about upcoming elections,” according to Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst for eMarketer.

RiskSTAT Launched by Ruder Finn

RiskSTAT, a reputation risk management system just launched with the help of Ruder Finn (RF), helps corporations quickly build their preparedness factor regarding risks to revenues, reputation, and share price. RiskSTAT is a cloud-based secure system enhancing organization’s ability in real time to identify potential risks, as well as to aid in a rapid response, and view the possible risks and likely impact. There are three levels of activation in the system: customized risk management protocols — protocols are placed in a dedicated client smartphone app that can create reports and send images in real time — along with video and other materials, and RF brings team members onboard using a three-dimensional, immersive crisis simulation to test the system.

Destination Hotel Royal Isabela Chooses Laura Davidson as PR Rep

Royal Isabela, a destination hotel, just brought Laura Davidson Public Relations (LDPR) on as their agency of record. LDPR is based in New York and specializes in Travel PR. The hotel has 20 large private casitas with private plunge pools for each casita. They also have an 18-hole golf course on their property in Puerto Rico. The Royal Isabela is fronted by natural sand dunes and cliffs with a dramatic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort brings nature to the guests using many efforts for conservation and distinct nature programing including their El Pastillo Conservation Trust. The Trust works to preserve ecosystems adjacent to the surrounding cliffs on the El Pastillo Beach. Also offered at the resort is their La Casa Restaurant serving Executive Chef Jose’ Carles Fabregas farm-to-table fare.

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